Cookeo: Moulinex’s electric pressure cooker turns 10!


Cookeo celebrates its 10th anniversary. A decade ago the SEB multicooker appeared in our kitchens. After more than three million copies sold, this is an opportunity to return to the electric pressure cooker that has become iconic.

In order for your Cookeo to be the star of our work plans, Moulinex applies its miraculous recipe to the letter: a personal assistant that accompanies the user in preparing all kinds of preparations. To do this, the multicooker offers the cook several cooking methods and various recipes, with fun step-by-step instructions for amateurs or beginners.

Updating over the years

Then, released in 2012, the first version incorporates six cooking modes. The appliance can brown, simmer, steam, keep warm or delay the start of cooking. The pressure cooker also offers 50 recipes, all of which are already integrated into the Cookeo. This is a detail that is very important, because the following versions differ on this point, among other things. The number of integrated recipes only increases with the new models: 100 for Cookeo Connect 2017, 180 for Cookeo+ 2019 and 200 for Cookeo+ Connect also launched in 2019.

But if there is a model that stands out, it is the Cookeo Touch Wifi launched in 2020. The latter even marks a considerable break with its predecessors. It is the first to offer not six, but 13 cooking programs including a “brown” mode and a “super fast” mode. It is above all the first to offer more than 8,000 recipes on its 4.3-inch touch screen. In fact, while older models can hold a USB key, connect via Bluetooth or to Moulinex’s “Mi Cookeo” app, the Cookeo Touch Wifi goes further. It is the only one in the range that can be connected to Wi-Fi, so you benefit from 250 offline recipes, but several thousand once connected thanks to the contribution of the Moulinex community.

Cookeo: the recipe for success

In total, they are therefore more than three million copies sold in 10 years. The objective of the multicooker is clear: to make life easier for its users in the kitchen. 98% of them believe that the device has saved them time in the kitchen. Another interesting point is that a large part of users have become fond of cooking thanks to Cookeo (75%) and now prefer home cooking (89%).

The number of recipes (virtually unlimited in some models) and the remaining autonomy of the device therefore allow you to prepare dishes that are sometimes relegated due to their complexity. But Moulinex also plays with the versatility of its device. Indeed, the manufacturer offers various accessories, such as a steamer basket or cake pans, which are also delivered with Cookeo+ Connect Grameez.

If technology can be at the service of better nutrition, then there is no reason to deprive yourself. This is undoubtedly what explains the success of Cookeo, available from €220 on the Moulinex site.

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