Obesity Endoscopy: Master Class at Hôpital Nord

June 23 and 24, 2022

Department of hepato-gastroenterology and digestive oncology – Northern Hospital

The department of hepato-gastroenterology of the Hôpital Nord directed by Pr Marc BARTHET organizes on behalf of the French Society of Digestive Endoscopy (SFED), in collaboration with Pr Geoffroy VANBIERVLIET of the University Hospital of Nice, a training master class in endoscopy of obesity on June 23 and 24: 12 practitioners from all over France will come to train in the endoscopic sleeve.

Endoscopic equivalent of the Sleeve Gastrectomy, it is a minimally invasive technique that consists of reducing the gastric volume endoscopically: this technique is performed without incision and avoids ablation of the stomach.

The purpose of the SFED is twofold:

  • Train endoscopists available to the population to perform this intervention

  • Obtain a nomenclature for the reimbursement of patients (it does not exist for endoscopist procedures) (obesity class I and II) through prospective and randomized studies carried out in the service.

The choice of Hôpital Nord is not insignificant due to its nationally but also internationally recognized expertise: Professor Marc BARTHET, Head of the Department of Gastroenterology at Hôpital Nord, as well as Professor Jean-Michel GONZALEZ, gastroenterologist, and Professor Stéphane BERDAH, digestive surgeon. , director of the Teaching and Surgical Research Center (CERC), have developed, within the framework of a national protocol, an innovative minimally invasive endoscopic treatment of intragastric surgery that allows the equivalent of a “sleeve gastrectomy” to be performed with a new device . Several sutures are made in the walls of the stomach to reduce its size. Only one day of hospitalization is necessary for this endoscopic sleeve, performed without opening the skin. The patient’s recovery is very fast and complications are practically non-existent. The digestive endoscopy unit now has 4 rooms.

This treatment is the result of several years of evaluation of this minimally invasive procedure carried out by Pr BARTHET in collaboration with a team from Brussels and the department of endocrinology by Pr Anne DUTOUR. Recently validated by the Haute Autorité de Santé, the endoscopic sleeve protocol will now be free of charge and may affect patients rejected for conventional bariatric surgery or for whom diets prove ineffective under a research protocol led by Prof. Marc BARTHET, and Pr Anne-Laure BOREL (University Hospital of Grenoble).

The same research team is completing the development of a new endoscopic treatment, based on a new concept, which allows performing an endoscopic bariatric bypass without an incision. The first scientific publications have just been produced and the transition to humans could take place in 2024. Patients could thus benefit from a range of treatments adapted to each case.

Remember that obesity affects approximately 17% of the French population (one in six Marseillais). Being overweight affects almost 30% of the population. The associated complications are numerous: digestive, metabolic, cardiovascular, rheumatological…

Surgery can only be indicated in very serious cases, based on specific criteria and after a collegiate decision between experts from various disciplines.

(detailed treatment methods on the website of the Paca Ouest Corse Specialized Obesity Center).

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