OnePlus Nord 2T and Nord Buds review: still the best value?

A Nord 2T that ticks a lot of boxes for €399 and Nord Buds that suit you very well for €49: has OnePlus found the magic formula of value for money again?

Once the only “very good value” and “flagship killer” player, OnePlus is now a more traditional smartphone maker, with a range of products ranging from €199 to €999. And again, I’m just talking about smartphones. , because the Chinese actor is looking at connected watches (only one model went a bit unnoticed despite great promises) and headphones.

This summer, the company released a few OnePlus Nord (including the Nord 2T I’m going to tell you about), entry-level and mid-range smartphones that represent 60% of sales (non-profit), as well as the Nord Buds, these little completely wireless earbuds. Here is my opinion.

OnePlus Nord 2T (€399): everything you need?

I really enjoyed the debut of the OnePlus Nord series, whose north 2 2021, because it brought the brand back to its roots, by offering the right value for money, a balance that is not easy to achieve when you have to put the right sliders in the right places. The Nord 2T stands in line, unlike the smaller OnePlus Nord you now find in stores (avoid the Nord CE, which doesn’t honor the brand’s history).

What is the fair value of money in 2022? For €399, an affordable price without being light, you have:

  • Y processor MediaTek Dimensity 1300 which is not doing too bad (clearly not the best of the year, it is the biggest concession)
  • 128GB of internal storage and 8 GB of RAM (more than enough for 90% of uses)
  • A good screen 6.43″ AMOLED with 90Hz refresh rate (nice and smooth, therefore).
  • Y good main sensor Sony IMX766 50 MP which works very well during the day and is stabilized. It’s equipped with a pretty average 8MP ultra-wide lens and a pretty useless monochrome sensor.
  • Two speakers for a true stereo.
  • The very fast charge 80Wunprecedented in this price range, which allows the battery to go from 1% to 67% (about 24 hours of autonomy) in just 15 minutes.
  • Y design modern and elegant, especially in the matte black livery of my test. The block of optics (which seem to squint) adds the necessary touch of originality.
  • android 12 and the promise of several years of updates to the OxygenOS software overlay.

What’s left for adults? A more powerful chip (this is especially noticeable in video games with demanding graphics), more versatile photosensors (with zoom, in particular) and more robust in the dark, a screen with higher definition and a more natural calibration. If all this doesn’t speak to you more than that, it’s because you don’t need it. The OnePlus Nord 2T is then a good option for you if your budget is €399.

And the Nord headphones?

Given the success of the Nord range, OnePlus has cleverly declined the range towards wireless earphones. The company has experience in the field, and it’s pretty good – the Buds Pro are part of My favourites, which combines design and features for €149. The Nord Buds are necessarily more affordable (only €49), while their design fits well with the OnePlus Nord 2T we just talked about:

Once again, this is good value for money. Because if the highs are not crazy, we are entitled to generous bass despite the contained price and limited size. And the bass, as we know, is the most spectacular: you quickly get the impression that your money is worth it…

The isolation from ambient noise is, of course, only passive, that is, it is only due to the presence of rubber tips which, correctly installed, will have a suction cup effect that will isolate you a bit from the world. There’s no ANC (active noise cancellation via a small built-in chip that analyzes noise and tries to cancel it out by sending reverse frequencies to your ears), and that’s understandable for €49.

Last drawbacks: the quality of the integrated microphones, nothing crazy, as well as the absence of wireless charging (but it is not yet very widespread in Belgium).

For the rest, it’s an honest proposition that will go great with all OnePlus (and Oppo) smartphones, which will recognize the headphones right out of the box, and allow you to configure them without downloading a dedicated app:

Other brands will need to download a third party app (the very misnamed Hello Melody).


You got it, OnePlus, in my opinion (but the notion of value for money can be subjective), has found the right formula again, both in terms of smartphone and headphones.

If you put €450 on the table (half the price of a recent iPhone), you have a stylish and capable phone with very fast charging, combined with a good pair of fully wireless in-ear headphones, but with undeniable qualities. Neither of these devices is the best and they lack some options, but they are still a bargain.

Note, however, that over the years OnePlus is no longer the only player to offer the right price formula. It is imitated, and quite well, by Xiaomi and Oppo. It’s up to you to make your choice…

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