Aurélien Enthoven, the son of Carla Bruni, a youtuber turned model

The son of Carla Bruni-Sarkozy and Raphaël Enthoven made his modeling debut on Saturday June 18 at a Versace show. Portrait of a young man who experienced the pangs of the web before seeing the light of the catwalks.

Some probably remember this bespectacled Youtuber, whose quirky videos were about veganism or feathered dinosaurs. In the chain M-Gigantoraptorcreated at the age of 14 with his friend Julien Kress, Aurélien Enthoven and the latter popularized scientific theories, such as Evolution, to the delight of his approximately 48,200 subscribers.

First steps as a model

Nine years after his debut on the platform, the boy from Carla Bruni-Sarkozy Y Raphael Enthoven, (set from 2000 to 2007, after the former model left the Jean-Paul Enthoven publishing house for her son), he operated her move himself. Now 21, he has makes her debut as a model on the occasion of the Versace Spring-Summer 2023 Menswear show, held on Saturday June 18 in Milan. With his lacquered hair, his prominent jawline, his toned complexion and his extravagantly patterned polo shirt, Aurélien Enthoven, born June 20, 2001, captured all eyes.

A performance acclaimed by her mother, who was paraded around the Italian house in a corseted red dress, in the 1990s. “Aurélien yesterday at the Versace show and me at 92: 30 years apart between these two photos, she said he wrote in the caption of an Instagram post, comparing two shots. thanks love Donatella to create family memories.

In early June, the model also celebrated the appearance of her son. on the cover of the magazine Cap 74024 . We saw this paleontology enthusiast, immortalized in black and white by Marcus Cooper, posing in profile. All adorned with an androgynous Victorian collar, signed Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello. This was the first cover of Aurélien Enthoven, worthy heir to the supermodel.

On video, Carla Bruni and her son Aurélien return to “Stand by Me” as a duet

“Stay by me”

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy has already expressed her pride in her son many times. She demonstrates it in a video posted by the former top in April 2021. We see the Sciences Po and Columbia student accompanying him on guitar in the title. stay by me. “My favorite bass player is back home!” he captioned the post.

The departure of the young man to the university, in September 2019, has also left a great void, as the title shows the empty room, from the artist’s sixth album. “Children take an amazing place for which people like me are not at all prepared, emphasized Carla Bruni-Sarkozy in mrs figaro, in September 2020. I don’t know who is ready for it, by the way. In any case, he gets his head and heart right, and when they go to live somewhere else, as it should be, the room suddenly empties and we tell ourselves that time passes.

online bullying

Step out of the high school student hoodie, cap and goggles – the youngster, therefore, has truly entered the headstrong world of fashion. And in higher education, “so much slower than high school”, he underlines in his latest YouTube video, published two years ago. Since then he has not shared any again, no doubt chilled by the anti-Semitic attacks that have been made to him, after the publication on his channel of a long sequence about racism, in March 2018.

His goal then was to show that “races do not exist”. in this video, explained that he had contacted people who claimed “racist ideology”, and told them that “French identity is not defined by the color of the skin”. Exchanges that had ended in insults, formulated by their interlocutors, such as: “Oh yes, and the whites are always the bad guys, eh. Damn leftist s**t.” The young man had received hundreds of malicious messages at that time.

The support of their parents

So, aged 16, Aurélien Enthoven had subsequently announced on the set of “Daily” who filed a complaint against his harassers. A convulsive period, during which she once again had the public support of Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. “Very proud of my son Aurélien Enthoven, who for five years with his friend Julien Kress, has been posting videos on his YouTube channel. M-Gigantoraptor, she said. Proud of her fight against ignorance, received ideas, racism and stupidity. Proud of her passion for science and for the truth and, finally, proud of her bravery ”of her.

For his part, his father Raphaël Enthoven also denounced these attacks in a tweet. “The authors will regret it,” he said. Despite this controversy, Aurélien Enthoven had subsequently published a dozen more videos, the latest of which dates from January 2020 and relates to American conservatism. Since then, radio silence.

Fruitful discussions

Highly affected at the time, Aurélien Enthoven seems to have rebuilt himself. In the private sphere, he formalized his relationship with Defne Demirdelen, a young woman he met at Columbia. In photos shared with his 11,800 Instagram subscribers, he appears hugging her girlfriend while on vacation in Punta Cana, walking with her or immortalizing one of her outings to her restaurants. A piece of news happily welcomed by Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, who hastens to comment “Very pretty!”. under one of her posts.

In March 2021, the former president was a little less enthusiastic about his son’s political commitments. The 50-year-old then stated in the Spanish version of vanity fair that Aurélien Enthoven was a “sovereignist”. An “amazing” bet, according to the former model, given the environment in which the student grew up. “He is not right-wing, he is not really Republican, but anti-European”, she specified, about whom she registered in October 2017 at the Union Populaire Républicaine (UPR)and supports François Asselineau, according to the Parisian.

“I don’t care, my ideas are independent of those of my parents,” confided the main interested party, who intended to “commit to sovereignty and the fight against obscurantism.” His decision had “provoked fruitful discussions” with his father, he revealed in the newspaper’s columns. His mother didn’t care. Like his stepfather, Nicolas Sarkozy. Who, however, has never been seen in public with the UPR tie that Aurélien Enthoven would have given him.

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