Buy bodybuilding products online: what do you need to know?

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What is a bodybuilding product?

More commonly known as a dietary supplement, a bodybuilding product aims to further develop muscle mass in parallel with intense physical exertion. These products mainly allow the elimination of excess fat in the muscles and the simultaneous increase in their mass. If these food supplements are more often associated with the world of fitness and bodybuilding, they are actually intended for all sports practices and disciplines. Developed by science, which constantly renews and improves its content, bodybuilding products meet all the needs of athletes, both muscular and physical.

The different dietary supplements for bodybuilding.

If the products aim to improve the performance of the athlete, there is a wide range according to the objectives of each one. Optigura, specialized in sports nutrition, offers a comprehensive range of products to better meet the expectations and needs of consumers. Aware of the importance of proteins – founding basis of the molecules that make up muscle fibers – this brand of dietary supplement for athletes has decided to integrate it into many of its products. Protein is essential for building muscle and also helps increase caloric intake within your metabolism. While whey proteins, plant proteins, mass gainers, creatines, and enhancers are some of the best known, there are others that include amino acids, natural anabolics, carb powders, and even BCAAs. With a somewhat enigmatic name, BCAAs are now gaining ground in the sports world.

The characteristics and benefits of BCAAs

BCAAs are defined as so-called essential branched chain amino acids because they cannot be synthesized by the body and therefore must be provided by food and supplements. If the formulas vary, the BCAA Ratio 8.1.1 they are among the most powerful BCAA formulas on the market, containing eight parts leucine to only one part isoleucine and one part valine. In comparison, the BCAAs naturally found in our muscle fibers are in a ratio of 2.1.1, BCAA 8.1.1 food supplements are therefore four times more leucine and therefore more effective. Leucine is an amino acid that has anabolic properties and plays a key role in building muscle. Plus, at an 8-part ratio, these BCAAs are most helpful when consumed post-workout in conjunction with a proper high-calorie diet.

To sum up

But what is a bodybuilding product? What is it really for? What are its specificities? We answer your questions!


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