Chlorella Vulgaris: a marine treasure in cosmetics

Remember its name: Chlorella Vulgaris. This ancient algae is a true marine treasure that has extraordinary regeneration capacities.

Appeared 2.5 billion years ago, this microscopic freshwater green algae has survived to this day thanks to its ultra-resistant membrane capable of protecting it from viruses and external aggressions. Endowed with exceptional regeneration abilities, it gives birth to 4 new cells every day. Now it is used in cosmetics since it is the star of Nuxe’s ​​Merveillance Lift range.

A “green” extraction made in France

Chlorella microalgae are cultivated in Brittany in bioreactors that optimize their cultivation conditions and guarantee their traceability and constant quality. They are then placed in an extractor crossed by a flow of supercritical Co2, which takes care of the molecules present in the membrane of the microalgae, which are otherwise difficult to reach. The result is a pure and stable microalgae oil extract, concentrated in essential fatty acids and natural antioxidants. This innovative extraction method also has the advantage of being eco-responsible: the Co2 is recycled and reused almost infinitely and the microalgae residues are composted.

Super Potent Infused Treatments

Nuxe uses the powers of microalgae oil to strengthen the dermal-epidermal junction, the key area of ​​skin youth that ensures the connection between the dermis and the epidermis. In addition to allowing an optimal exchange (nutrients, oxygen, etc.) between these 2 layers, the wavy shape of the dermal-epidermal junction guarantees visibly youthful and firm skin.

Each of the 5 treatments (a serum, an eye contour, 2 day creams and 1 night cream) that make up this new anti-aging beauty routine have been infused with oil, of which a single drop concentrates the force of four billion of microalgae.

Its innovative textures (powder cream, velvety cream, oil serum, etc.) and its sensual fragrance, composed of a subtle bouquet of freesia and magnolia on a powdery background of white musks, make Merveillance Lift one of the long-awaited ones. The formulations are vegan, silicone-free and composed of at least 96% ingredients of natural origin.

The packaging, for its part, is of course eco-designed and recyclable, to minimize its impact on the environment.

A beauty routine in 5 steps

1. Prepare the skin with self-massage

The smoothing movements must be carried out on perfectly clean skin. In contact with the fingers, the skin will heat up, the blood circulation will accelerate, and the pores will dilate. These modifications will allow a better absorption of the products.

2. Firming Activator Serum

This anti-aging serum is a strength concentrate with a 100% active texture. 3 drops are enough for instantly smooth, supple and toned skin.


3. Firming eye cream

Thanks to its “blurring” effect texture of natural origin, this eye care instantly reduces wrinkles, puffiness and signs of fatigue for a more youthful look from the first application. The eye contour is lifted, the eyelids are raised.


4. Day cream applied with a massage tool

Thanks to its innovative filling texture, the powder cream (for normal to combination skin) firms the skin and corrects wrinkles. Ideal for normal to combination skin, it offers a natural blur effect for a flawless finish.


5. Night cream during the night routine

A true concentrate of anti-aging efficacy, this night cream reveals rested and smooth skin as if it had slept 2 more hours. Upon awakening, she recharges with energy.



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