copy and paste between two devices will be even faster

A new discovery tells us that Google would improve copy and paste with the nearby exchange. This is to transfer an item from one device to another even faster thanks to Android 13.

This is Mishaal Rahman, Android expert and technical writer atwait who made this discovery. While searching the source code of Google Play Services, he discovered an interesting new feature regarding Near Share. It was present but disabled by default in the Developer Preview 2but it is enabled by default from the beta 1 d’android 13.

Soon you could copy an item on one device and paste it on another Android device even faster via share nearby. No technical improvements, but a change in the buttons and the user experience.

A new clipboard menu to go faster

Mishaal Rahman explains: Now when the user copies text or images, a clipboard menu appears in the bottom left corner “. We see a new button that represents a phone and a computer side by side. Clicking it will send the copied item to a nearby device.

In the demo video he posted on Twitter, it looks like Mishaal Rahman is sending an item from a Pixel to… a Pixel. So yes, it has two, but we can assume it’s for work (without it, this article wouldn’t exist).

At I/O 2022, Google announced an update to Near Share that will allow users to quickly copy text or images on one device and share it with another. This feature has not been implemented yet, but it is possible to enable it in the latest version of Google Play Services. Here is a demo:

-Mishaal Rahman (ishaMishaalRahman) June 20, 2022

If you think it’s not interesting, you’re right. The technical writer explains what this changes: “ In terms of actual functionality, this feature doesn’t really add anything new, as you can manually select text/images, then click “share” and select “share nearby” in the share sheet. This feature makes it faster by adding a button directly to the clipboard menu ».

A function not yet complete

Unfortunately, this copy and paste between different devices is not yet complete. As the tester notes, “ text/images received this way are not automatically copied to the device’s clipboard “. It ends by saying that ” this might change once this is implemented ».

Currently, text or images you receive this way are not automatically copied to the receiving device’s clipboard, but that might change once this is implemented.

-Mishaal Rahman (ishaMishaalRahman) June 20, 2022

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