It is no longer a rumor, it is confirmed: The Unknowns return to TV

The Strangers are reforming! It is no longer a rumour, it is a certainty. TF1 announced it this June 23 during a press conference, in the midst of a series of other projects to come. Because this return will be on your antenna. Therefore, the trio relented, he who in the past had refused a very attractive check from the network for a renovation. Didier Bourdon had dropped the piece last January on France Inter. He explained that they had turned down a very tempting proposal without disclosing the amount. “Not to lose the soul”, he added. The comedian and comedian said: “The important thing in the life of a young artist is knowing how to say no. We said no to many things. Things that would have allowed us to earn in one week what we earned in three years of working with the Unknowns.”

“The Hunters”, “Rap-Tout”, “Auteuil Neuilly Passy”…

Didier Bourdon, Bernard Campan and Pascal Légitimus will lead a minification entitled The Strangers are reforming. It will be an event program broadcast in prime time on the first French channel whereas in the early 1990s, it was on Antenne 2, which later became France 2, that its strangers tv. They will not be the only ones to animate this program since they will be joined by celebrities to reproduce their most cultured sketches. We think of “hunters” (“There is a good hunter and a bad hunter”)at the police station, to the mythical cartoon Lost from sight turned into Lost from research and this line: “We are not going to miss you”. Or to these sketches when the three of them comment on an athletics championship (“This does not concern us…”). Not forgetting, of course, the songs that kept inviting themselves to their strangers tv : “Les Rap-Tout”, “Auteuil Neuilly Passy”, etc.

At the moment no broadcast date has been communicated, TF1 limiting itself to saying that the program will be presented to the public in the coming months. Understand the next season.

Bernard Campan, the most suspicious

It’s been months, even years, that the Inconnus reform keeps coming back to the carpet without ever materializing. Interviewed separately, each of the protagonists was always very evasive on the subject. While they were quite willing to talk about upcoming movies, they were often very wacky when it came to talking about a return to the stage or to television.

According to Didier Bourdon, it slowed down especially on the side of Bernard Campan. He had confessed it when he was a guest of RTL earlier in the year. After 30 years of absence, he feared that they were nothing more than the caricature of what they were, given their age and their current physique.

What reassured Bernard Campan and ended up tipping the balance in favor of yes to the TF1 offers? Mystery. Probably we will have to wait for the prime time schedule to find out. And yet…

Another cult show, One Boy, One Girl will also be entitled to its event bonus.

Note that TF1 has drawn another show that looks similar to the announced concept for Les Inconnus. This is another cult hit that the first channel unearths: one boy one girl ! Couchou and Loulou will also be entitled to their event bonus during which their most famous sequences with other actors will be played.

Two films to come: the continuation of Les Trois frères and a project by Riad Sattouf

If the cult trio of French humor has long played secrecy about their future together, they did not hide much about their projects in the cinema. It is no secret that they are working on two films. Starting with the third part of his saga The Three Brothers. Didier Bourdon confirmed it at the microphone of BFM TV. the “three brothers”should become the “three grandparents”he explained while specifying that the adventure would take place this time outside of France. Director Xavier Durringer (The conquestin the rise of Nicolas Sarkozy) would be contacted to shoot the film.
Less is known about the second film in which they will appear. It is a project led by the comic book author Riad Sattouf in which Bourdon, Capam and Légitimus will play different characters. A “slightly crazy” film entrusted to Didier Bourdon for BFM TV.

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