Lord – Console sales: Xbox overtakes PS5 in Japan

Since the release of new home consoles in November 2020, the PS5 has prided itself on consistently topping the charts. Microsoft’s Xboxes are falling behind in every market. But beware, from time to time they manage to leave Sony consoles behind, also, in their country of origin. This year marks the second time that more Xbox Series has been sold than PS5 in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Twice as many Xbox Series S as PS5

Every week, the Japanese site does not stop publishing the sales figures for video game consoles in the country. The one on June 13 and 19 was special. In fact, it will have been the one in which Xbox Series surpassed PlayStation 5 in terms of sales volume. The victory is overwhelming. In fact, during the famous seven days, Japanese gamers bought 3,423 Xbox Series S and 3,272 Xbox Series X. During the same period, only 1,795 PlayStation 5s found buyers. This is great news for the Xbox console that has just entered the Guinness Book of Records.

Xbox Series vs PS5 in Japan

The Xbox Series in its digital version (without a disc drive) therefore sold twice as much as its Sony competitor. By combining the two Microsoft consoles, the gap widens even more significantly. The most surprising thing is that this is not a new fact. This year is the second time that Xboxes manage to outsell Sony’s video game console. For one week in May, the PS5 settled for 2,963 copies sold versus 6,120 units for the Xbox Series.

Should Sony be worried?

These staggering numbers need to be put into perspective. Indeed, if for two weeks since the beginning of the year, Microsoft has managed to beat Sony, the overall figures are very different. Taking into account all the sales since the launch of the next-gen consoles, the PS5 remains far ahead of its American competitors. The sales of the two Xbox Series X and S combined don’t even match that of the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. However, the standard edition of PS5 is still the best seller at Sony.

Xbox Series vs.  PS5 worldwide

Despite everything, these exceptions, which are becoming more and more regular, should be of great concern to the Japanese giant. This may be a sign of a slowdown in sales in favor of Microsoft video game consoles. The situation is all the more alarming as it takes place in Japan, a country that tends to be largely dominated by local firms, in this case Sony.

nintendo reigns supreme

In the face of the furious battle of home consoles, Nintendo he calmly poses as the undisputed leader. During the week of June 13-19, Big N sold 22,860 Nintendo Switch OLED, 19,907 Nintendo Switch and 7,638 Nintendo Switch Lite. This dominance has already lasted for several months and the situation is not likely to change for the Super Mario firm.

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