Lord – Sony: new products for gamers are coming soon

PSVR does not yet have a release date. Sony seems to have other products to present to gamers. The Japanese firm attends the meeting of the high-tech field for a showcase in which to present its novelties. The event could well reveal some new features such as gaming headsets and monitors specially designed for the PS5 console.

A showcase to present new products

Earlier this week, Nintendo surprised gamers by formalizing a Nintendo Direct the day before, which they can check out by clicking this link. Sony has taken further advance. In fact, today, the French branch of the Japanese group announced the celebration of a great event on June 28. This is a showcase during which you will introduce new products to your audience.

The announcement was made on Twitter with a touch of mystery, as usual. In the post, the Sony France account simply announced “Find your new zone | June 28, 2022 | 11:00 pm”. The message doesn’t seem really evocative. You had to click on the link accompanying the post to get more information. This link takes you directly to YouTube videos where you can watch the show live. One of the videos is titled Sony Showcase of New Products vs. A Special Partners Finds New Zone for the second. Both are visible in this article.

The first is explicit. It will be used by Sony for the presentation of new products. It remains to be seen which ones. On the subject, Internet users have not stopped speculating. Some clues look very plausible and even offer sharp details.

Three gaming headsets

One of the most serious leads was mentioned on the 91Mobiles site by the OnLeaks leaker. It talks about three gaming headsets which are called Inzone H3, Inzone H7 and Inzone H9. The former is the most affordable as it is a wired headset with fairly common options like LEDs and USB-C port. The presence of an NC/AMB button suggests that it could incorporate a noise reduction system. The Inzone H3 is reportedly priced at $99.

The Inzone H7 and H9 are in the upper range. These are Bluetooth headphones with similar designs. Both would share the same characteristics except for the presence of noise reduction absent in the Inzone H7 and present in the Inzone H9. On the other hand, the two will not offer haptic feedback unlike gaming headsets. Razer Cairo PS5.

Two monitors dedicated to the PS5

In addition to gaming headsets, the leaks also speak of two new Sony monitors that will be unveiled during the event. Few details have been leaked. It could be a first screen capable of displaying in 4K at a frequency of 144 Hz and a second that offers FHD resolution at 240 Hz. Both would be especially dedicated to the PlayStation 5 and games with functions such as showing the number of FPS in real time. weather.

About PSVR2, nothing filtered in particular. Fingers crossed that Sony will detail its release date during this showcase. See you next June 28th at 11pm!!!

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