Millions of people can no longer download Windows 11

news hardware Millions of people can no longer download Windows 11

Since the beginning of the conflicts between Russia and Ukraine, many American companies have begun to suspend their services throughout Russia. Whether it is the services of Apple Pay, which was used massively by the population, or Intel, which simply suspended its sales, the sanctions are numerous. Microsoft adds to this punishment by preventing the download of Windows 11.

Microsoft wants to suspend all its services

It is since last weekend that Russian users have been able to realize that it is now impossible for them to download Windows 11.

In fact, Microsoft has not provided information on the implementation of these measures, but there is no doubt that this is one of the many sanctions that have been imposed on Russia since the beginning of the armed conflict with Ukraine.

It was on the BleepingComputer site that the whole world found out about the news, after the complaints of many Russians, the experts investigated the issue and saw that Microsoft was completely blocking its services, and this, since June 20.

All Windows PCs can theoretically access the Windows 11 version of the operating system. In theory because Microsoft asks for technical recommendations. By visiting the official Windows website or even through your computer’s update settings, you can download Windows 11 with just one click.

Even if the other Windows 8 operating systems continue to update regularly, particularly when it comes to security, Russian users could still be deprived of updates, even with the latest version of their operating system installed.

Error text when downloading Windows 11 in Russia. Source: BleepingComputer

Millions of people can no longer download Windows 11

The only solution left for the Russians seems to be the use of VPNs, but again, with the government being very cautious, the use of any VPN in Russia is punishable by law.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has yet to release any information, and Russian users are stuck not knowing if they’ll ever be able to upgrade their PCs.

Russia, increasingly closed in on itself by all the sanctions

Microsoft is far from the first company to close its doors in Russia. Since the beginning of the war, many Western companies have reduced or stopped their activities in the territory.

One can take for example Apple, which suspended its services from March 1, including its Apple Pay service that many Russian users used every day.

In the gaming world, Electronic Arts took the lead in preventing Russians from downloading and purchasing games and content, and even made the decision to kick Russia out of FIFA and the NHL.

We can add to the list PayPal, Samsung, Facebook or even Amazon and many others who have simply suspended all services. There is no doubt that many Western companies will take this path in the coming months, it remains to be seen how the Russian population experiences it.

But the truth is that the Russians will not be able to take advantage of the new Windows and the Windows 11 operating system.

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