Sherry wines and original recipes to boost the Bamboo cocktail bar in Paris

In Paris, Yann Tesnier and his team have changed the menu at the Bamboo cocktail bar, with low-alcohol recipes based on fortified Spanish wines and original creations.

Double faceted card for Bamboo. this cocktail bar of 2the Paris district, rue d’Aboukir, opened in October 2020, a few days before the second confinement, has just launched a new offer. The first part of the menu features four slightly alcoholic (low ABV) aperitif cocktails with a sherry base. A second part offers eight more powerful original signature cocktails, but still with a vinous base. “We have quite curious customers, who have heard of the bar, and who want to discover cocktails that they are not used to drinking, in a cozy atmosphere”says Yann Tesnier, co-founder with Othman Bekri.

Sherry wines in the spotlight

“Spanish fortified wines are dry white wines, fortified with brandy, produced in Andalusia. As their alcoholic strength is higher than that of classic and more atypical wines due to their terroirs and their evolution in barrels, knowledge of these products is less, as is that of vermouths, even among wine lovers”Yann Tesnier continues. They are found in cocktails, worked with other appetizers, in vacuum infusions, or with bitters. “Manzanilla, Pedro Ximenez, Oloroso and Fino are honored through four drinks, presented in wine glasses, recalling all their delicacy.”

A dry cocktail (Barrameda), a fruity and sweet (Mono), a refreshing and herbaceous cocktail (Palo), as well as a sweet and spicy cocktail (Frontera) are available on the cover. Palo cocktail tasting (Photo), the minty notes are impressive, with an aperitif side. The Oloroso (dry sherry) is infused with mint under vacuum for 30 minutes at 60 degrees. White Cap Mattei, a Corsican aperitif made from cinchona, is used to balance fortified wine. The prosecco brings a note of freshness and minerality to the cocktail, enhanced by a saline solution that acts as a flavor enhancer.

A tight cocktail menu

Cocktail - Bar Bamboo - Paris

Eight original cocktails complete the menu (“No/Low ABV”), each one with a specificity: be it a vermouth, or an aperitif, or a generous wine. The “Saugeons le monde, by May” cocktail allowed the former bar apprentice to win the UMIH Formation CQP competition last February. This sour is very fruity. Nouaison gin is infused with sage. The cocktail is made with aquafaba, recovering the water from the chickpeas when cooking the hummus. In the mouth, the drink remains light, despite its power. It is distinguished by its beautiful bitterness. “A sour is a fairly acidic cocktail, but with a balance between acidity and sweetness. Consumers are starting to like the bitterness. The fact that more bitter beers, such as IPAs, are becoming popular can change people’s palates.

Cocktail - Bar Bamboo - Paris

The “Who goes hunting…” cocktail contains Amontillado, a sherry, combined with Cognac H de Hine VSOP. This clarified cocktail becomes transparent thanks to the chemical reaction between the acids contained in a citrus fruit and the milk proteins. The freshness of the pineapple is also present in the recipe. Coconut water is infused with spices, acting as a preservative. Two days of preparation are necessary for the development of the recipe. The drink is served in a translucent ice cube (clear ice, supplied by the good company), presenting less contact surface than with many small ice cubes, which allows less dilution.

Sally Houiche, Yann Tesnier and Romain Robic - Bar Bamboo in Paris

A small wine list (three red wines, three white wines, one rosé) is available, as well as bottled beers (Deck & Donohue Trouble, IPA, and Mission Pale Ale). Tapas are also offered (burrata and its bush with raspberry and balsamic vinegar, homemade hummus, original white taramasalata, sardines, etc.) Noteworthy is the presence of a glossary at the end of the printed menu, very useful for discovering the world of cocktails. The bar team, made up of Romain Robic and Sally Houiche, also help customers.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. Consume in moderation.

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