“Umbrella academy” season 3 – and Vanya became Viktor!

The offbeat story, the biting tone, the supercharged jokes and fight scenes, and the actors, each more excellent than the other. We really miss “Umbrella Academy” and its goofy superheroes! Two years after its second season, the series returns to Netflix on June 22. And this third installment promises to be even more challenging than the previous ones.

But before we get there, a reminder: Adapted from the comic of the same name, the series follows the brave adventures of the Hargreeves children, all born on the same day and endowed with extraordinary powers. Taken in by a billionaire inventor, the seven form the Umbrella Academy, founded with the goal of “protecting the world” and preventing the Apocalypse from occurring. If they thought they had accomplished this feat at the end of season 1, the following season sent them back to 1963, a few weeks before the assassination of John F. Kennedy, whose death could not be prevented, at the risk of causing conflict. cataclysm.

In season 3, the brothers return to the party, in the present, convinced that they have averted another disaster. However, the festivities are cut short when they come face to face with the members of Sparrow Academy, their other highly capable (and presumably evil) siblings, who live in an alternate world where their adoptive father is still alive. A friendly brother like the door of a prison, with whom Five, Luther, Diego, Klaus, Allison and Vanya (or rather Viktor, we will come back to this later) must compose to aspire to defeat an unidentified destructive entity that sows the chaos in the world, the universe and find your comfort zone.

From woman to man

In addition to this temporal paradox, this third season will also introduce the character of Viktor Hargreeves, who is none other than the male version of Vanya, a character played by Elliot Page. Previously named Ellen, the actress came out as transgender in December 2020, a few weeks before the start of filming for the new episodes. At that time we already knew that she would keep her role in the series. The question then was how her transition from female to male would be approached on screen. The writers have revised the copy of her and, to this day, we know that the character will follow the same path step by step as her interpreter. “We used Elliot’s ideas as a starting point to carefully form and overlay a narrative on top of existing scenes,” says the creative team. “A narrative that echoed Elliot’s situation in her own transition process at the time of filming. Vanya’s quest for identity will bring context and “texture” to Viktor from the very first episodes, making him the most prominent transgender man in television history.

“Umbrella Academy”, season 3, available on Netflix.

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