Unforgettable Crete under the illuminated gaze of R&L Consultancy

A trip, a wedding, a more intimate event, R&L Consultancy cultivates sharing, discovery and excellence to shape unforgettable memories. Specialist in Crete, the agency organizes stays putting emotion, luxury and service at the center

Passion as a foundational basis

R&L ConsultingThey are a couple with complementary backgrounds and personalities. On the one hand, we find Rowena, the creative, radiant and no less ambitious entrepreneur, and on the other, Louis, the calm force that maintains his precise sense of detail. A Yin and a Yang, both decidedly passionate about travel and luxury. After eleven years of living together, their union is strengthened by the desire to start a common project. R&L Consultancy arises from this desire to realize an ambition: to create excitement and deliver excellence to its clients.

Towards the most beautiful Cretan properties

R&L Consultancy thus aspires to make discover Crete from a different angle, revealing its luminous face, respecting the island, its traditions and its ecosystem. The team selects prestigious and exotic properties to mark the spirits and capture the hearts of its occupants. All the apartments and villas offered by R&L Consultancy offer an exceptional environment, in time to disconnect from everyday life. More than a stay, the agency offers a unique experience. The team makes sure to respond precisely to everyone’s expectations, to fulfill everyone’s dreams with a real commitment to service and proximity.

4-star services for a memorable stay

In addition to property rental, it is above all the services provided by the agency that make the difference. The idea is that each client can make the most of her stay, freeing herself from any mental administrative burden. R&L Consulting aims to be a gold key concierge, whose know-how, exclusive network and VIP services forge a solid foundation of excellence. Whatever the type of stay, the agency strives to make it immortal in memories. The range of high-end services is greatly enriched:

  • Reservations and excursions on board yachts
  • private driver
  • private coach
  • care and pet care
  • Massage
  • private chef
  • beautification etc.

R&L Consultancy also designs “Lifestyle Packages” for short or long stays. Always with this sincere desire to satisfy its client, the agency imagines experiences around gastronomy, culture, adventure, wellness, but also offers idyllic workplaces. Pop-up sales are also organized on a regular basis and at preferential prices. These formulas follow the innate leitmotif of the agency, namely the creation of multiple emotions through discovery and wonder. By placing the quality of its service at its peak, with great attention to detail, R&L Consultancy leaves no room for compromise.

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