when Isabelle Adjani talks about strategy and nostalgia

Featured in Peter of Kant, the actress signed her first participation in “Daily”, the program of Yann Barthès, this Wednesday, June 22. She discussed, in a rush, her vision of the couple, love relationships and the Me Too movement.

She says it brought joy to Sidonie, her character in the film. Peter of Kant, by Francois Ozon. Invited to the set of “Quotidien”, on Wednesday, June 22, together with the director, isabel adjani he was just as mischievous and even impenetrable at times. “I’m so out of date, even out of date“, she joked, recently returned from the United States. The actress, who signed her first participation in the Yann Barthès show, spoke hurriedly about her nostalgia, love relationships and movement I also. “For your character, the secret of a relationship that works is to pretend to give power to the other”, explained the Savoyard presenter.

The “End of the Beans”

To which Isabelle Adjani replied: “I don’t think it’s a strategy that can make you happy or, in any case, allow you to live together. It is really a way of treating the other as a potential enemy, someone we fear deep down. Believing that we have power because we intend to give it to the other… That seems to me to be the end of the beans in a couple.

The actress also talked about the actresses’ relationships with their directors. “We are always the muse of his director who knows how to film you, who gives you a role because he loves you and wants us to love you,” she specified. Every actress should be the muse of her director. (…) I find that otherwise, it is mistreatment.

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“Things that are not human”

However, he admitted that some of them sometimes adopted inappropriate attitudes. “It can happen that there is a small human deficiency in a director from the moment he takes himself for a demiurge, he explained. He can do inhuman things to you, forgetting that he himself is a human being who works with other human beings. They are relationships of domination and submission on the set, which I hope will have a short life.

the heroine of queen margot (1994) also evoked the feminist current born in 2017. “Although Me Too does not seem to have anything to do with it as we speak, I think it did, it supported. I think it will take a form of distancing so that there can continue to be a real and benevolent proximity between a director and an actress. Before adding: “It seems to me that the directors are equally aware of the difficulty that can arise from the fact of insisting in a hegemonic way”.

“I am very nostalgic”

Isabelle Adjani also expressed her nostalgia after the broadcast of a chronicle that covers her career, in particular musical. “At this time in my life, I think more and more about what I have left, about the good years that I have left,” she confided. Perhaps I feel less and less comfortable with the returns of the images. And the actress to conclude: “I am very nostalgic, and seeing that expressed nostalgia moves me. I feel like so much of my life has passed.” Which fans of hers are sure to deny, quickly discovering her latest movie in theaters, starting July 6.

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