📰 A new way to assess the fatty acid composition of fish

In collaboration with SYSAAF, the company Aqualande and INRAE, scientists – CNRS/University of Rennes 1 – from the ScanMAT Research and Support Unit, the Rennes Institute of Chemical Sciences and the Rennes Institute of Physics propose an alternative method using micro – spectroscopy to assess the composition in fatty acid (In chemistry, a fatty acid is a carboxylic acid with an aliphatic chain. It is…) adipose tissue of fish. Less expensive, nondestructive, and faster than current benchmark assays, it allowed them to reliably measure omega-3s present in body tissues. trout (The term trout is an ambiguous vernacular name designating several species of fish…) rainbow (A rainbow is an optical and meteorological phenomenon that makes the…). This method can be used for selection genetic (Genetics (from the Greek genno γεννώ = to give birth) is…) of farmed fish by predicting their composition of beneficial fatty acids for the Health (Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and is not…).

Predicting the fatty acid composition of rainbow trout at low cost using Raman microspectroscopy.
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You poison (Pisces is a constellation of the zodiac crossed by the Sun from March 12 to 18…) is the main source of long-lasting polyunsaturated fatty acids string (The word chain can have several meanings 🙂 omega 3 in the human diet, whose beneficial effects on health are known. We are currently using the chromatography (Chromatography is an analytical chemical separation technique that can be…) in phase (The word phase can have various meanings, it is used in various fields and…) gas for the identification and quantification of these fatty acids. But its high cost and length of testing make it ineffective for phenotyping broadband (The term broadband (or broadband by literal translation of the Anglo-Saxon expression…) necessary for genetic selection programs for farmed aquaculture species.

Scientists from SYSAAF and CNRS/University of Rennes 1 from the Center for Support and Research (Scientific research designates in the first place all actions undertaken with a view to…) ScanMAT, IInstitute (An institute is a permanent organization created for a specific purpose. It is…) chemical sciences of Rennes and the Institute of Physical (Physics (from the Greek φυσις, nature) is etymologically the…) de Rennes therefore proposes to use Raman microspectroscopy, which they have specifically adapted for the identification of these biological molecules. A non-destructive, rapid, and inexpensive method has been shown to be particularly reliable for recognizing and quantifying these fatty acids. For this reason and in order to obtain a significant variability of the composition in acid (An acid is a chemical compound generally defined by its reactions…) fatty tissue, 268 rainbow trout, subjects of the study, were fed various feeds with very different fatty acid compositions, ranging up to a feed vegetable (Classical scientific classifications are grouped under the term plant…) which is completely missing. The comparison of the composition evaluated by chromatography (CPG) with that resulting from the analysis of the Raman spectra showed a good reliability (A system is reliable when the probability of fulfilling its mission in a period of time…) of this method for the detection of total polyunsaturated fatty acids, omega 6 and omega 3 (EPA, DHA) present in the sampled tissue*.

This study, which demonstrates that Raman spectroscopy can be used to predict the fatty acid composition of rainbow trout adipose tissue, could now allow considering its phenotyping at high debit (A flow allows to measure the flow of a quantity relative to a unit of time through…) necessary for genetic selection programs. Results found in the review Analytic chemistry.

*In fish, lipids accumulate in the foie (The liver is a strange and asymmetrical abdominal organ, housed in humans in…), muscles, perivisceral and subcutaneous fatty tissue. the adipose tissue (Adipose tissue (fat mass)) perivisceral was chosen in this study because its fatty acid composition is close to that ofanimal (An animal (from the Latin animus, spirit or vital principle) is, according to the classical classification, a…) whole and this fabric is available in Amount (Quantity is a generic metrology term (count, quantity); a scalar,…) enough to perform chromatographic analysis. In addition, it is a fairly homogeneous tissue, so contamination by muscle proteins or singing (Blood is a liquid connective tissue made up of populations of free cells, including…) They are limited.

These works are Fruit (In botany, the fruit is the plant organ that protects the seed…) a collaboration between SYSAAF, ScanMAT, ISCR, IPR, INRAE ​​​​(AgroParisTech, Univ Pau & pay (Country comes from the Latin pagus that designated a territorial and tribal subdivision of extension…) Adour, PEIMA, Univ. of Rennes 1), IRMAR (Agrocampus West (West is a cardinal point, opposite east. That is the direction towards…)Rennes) and the company Les Sources de l’Avance (Aqualande Group, Roquefort) as part of the Project (A project is an irreversible commitment with an uncertain result, not reproducible at…) OMEGA TRUITE (European Maritime and Fisheries Fund, n° PFEA47 0017 FA 1000008).

Prado, E.; Eklouh-Molinier, C.; Enez, F.; Causer, D.; Blay, C.; Dupont-Nivet, M.; Labbé, L.; Petit, V.; Moreac, A.; Taupier, G.; Haffray, P.; Bugeon, J.; Corrazé, G.; Nazabal, V. (1999).
Fatty acid composition prediction in rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss using Raman microspectroscopy
Analytic chemistry 2022

– Virginie Nazabal – Researcher at the Institute of Chemical Sciences of Rennes – virginie.nazabal at univ-rennes1.fr
– Stéphanie Younès – Manager Communication (Communication concerns both man (intrapsychic, interpersonal communication, etc.) – Institute of chemistry (Chemistry is a natural science divided into several specialties, to…) of CNRS (The National Center for Scientific Research, better known by its acronym CNRS, is the largest…) – inc.communication on cnrs.fr
– Anne-Valérie Ruzette – Manager scientific (A scientist is a person who is dedicated to the study of a science or sciences and who…) for communication – CNRS Institute of Chemistry – anne-valerie.ruzette at cnrs.fr
– Christophe Cartier says Moulin (A mill is a machine for grinding cereal grains into flour and, by analogy,…)Seeker (A researcher (fem. researcher) refers to a person whose job it is to investigate…) at the Institute of Molecular Chemistry in Paris & Project Manager of scientific communication at the INC
– inc.communication on cnrs.fr

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