Blizzard Discusses the Objectives of the Second Overwatch 2 PvP Closed Beta – Overwatch

In an article published a few moments ago, Blizzard talks about the objectives of the second PvP Closed Beta ofsurveillance 2, particularly in the technical aspect, design, balance and communication. As a reminder, this one starts on June 28 and will offer, in particular, the Queen of Junkers and Rio. Find it now below.

The next Overwatch 2 beta is coming up! The team can’t wait to welcome Xbox and PlayStation players and introduce them to the queen of the Junkers, Rio, and the various balance changes she has made to the game. is more important than your comments. In fact, they are the ones who point us to the changes that are necessary and the ones that bring us closer to the launch of Overwatch 2. Before the launch of our next beta, we would like to share with you some of our goals, this for you, you know what we want try and let you make the most of that experience.

This beta will allow Xbox and PlayStation players to experience Overwatch 2 for the first time. We also want to test the game’s servers by gradually increasing their capacity. Those registered in the beta version will begin accessing it on June 28. We will then grant more access in regular waves. We plan to allow all registrants to participate no later than July 14 to test performance and server load.

We’ll keep an eye out for any bugs or performance issues to tweak the game to give you the best possible experience. At this stage of development, we are listening to your feedback to improve the quality of our work, so we look forward to hearing your feedback as we complete the game by October 4th.

Game design and balance goals

Between the two beta versions, we made several adjustments that will affect gameplay. For example, the passive DPS speed bonus has been replaced with a new effect that allows you to retain up to 30% of your ultimate charge when switching DPS characters. In particular, we are looking at how players embody the different roles, always with a particular focus on the performance of secondary characters to ensure optimal launch. We’re also hoping to add a new support hero to the Overwatch 2 roster.

The team is currently designing and experimenting with new abilities for some existing support characters, starting with Moira, who will receive significant changes in the balance update scheduled for beta.

Advanced mode has also undergone some adjustments in recent weeks: after studying your feedback, we’ve decided to add two minutes to the time pool. Therefore, it will be increased from eight to ten minutes, giving both teams a little more time to escort TS-1 to the end.

Lately, many players have asked us to include a competitive experience in the beta version. While we’re still working on bringing you a fresh and fixed competitive experience when Overwatch 2 launches, we’ve decided to give you a partial competitive pick that will allow you to compete for maps in their entirety, while also benefiting from replacements if anyone leaves the game.

Continuous communication with our players

As throughout the first beta, we intend to report on balance changes, to explain what we’re doing and why.

Watch for additional details to be shared with you on various topics as we get closer to the launch of Overwatch 2 on October 4. Thanks for joining us on this adventure, and see you on June 28 for our second beta!

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