Charlene and Albert of Monaco’s bizarre kiss ‘doesn’t convey an image of sincere love’, expert says

Albert II and Charlene of Monaco exchange a kiss during an official visit to Norway. (Oslo, June 22, 2022.) Abaca

Stephen Bunard, a specialist in body language, analyzed the gestures of the princely couple during an official visit to Norway, organized on Wednesday, June 22.

“What we are given to see is not the most sincere representation of love there is,” he said. Stephen Bunard, speaker, body language expert, and author of Your gestures say out loud what you are thinking in a low voice (1), analyzed the strange Kiss exchanged for Charlene et Albert II of Monaco, on Wednesday June 22, in Oslo. It was one of the few public displays of affection from the couple, who came to attend the opening of the exhibition with their 7-year-old twins Jacques and Gabriella. Sailing the Sea of ​​Science, at the Fram Museum, after lunch with King Harald V and Queen Sonja of Norway.

The enigmatic video of Charlene de Monaco

A representation”

Rumors about a possible divorce of the couple, married since 2011, abound since the long absence of the princess, suffering from an ear, nose and throat infection that kept her in South Africa for several months. She was subsequently admitted to a specialized establishment in Switzerland, for “physical and emotional exhaustion”.

In the images of the inauguration, Charlene and Albert II of Monaco, immortalized from behind and dressed in dark colors, hold each other by the waist and kiss. If Stephen Bunard specifies that it is “always imperfect to analyze a photo, because one does not have the necessary behavioral dynamics”, it is difficult for him to believe in the sincerity of this kiss.

“They are official photos, and from that point of view it is a representation that they want to give us, in every sense of the word,” explains the expert. It means that the photographer’s eye has not fixed on something authentic, whereas professionals often have this intuitive talent.”

The neutrality of Prince Albert II

Before adding: “Proof of this is that they kiss while looking at each other’s right half face (the way you turn your head, editor’s note). However, in a sincere kiss, of abandonment, we are in the confrontation of left half faces. Maybe they did, but what we are shown is not the most sincere representation of love.

The specialist also highlights the neutrality of the expression of Prince Albert II. “It doesn’t show any other internal state on the face,” says Stephen Bunard. He has no movement of his eyebrows or mouth, no hint of a smile, no particularly droopy eyelids. And he has his head slightly thrown back. Clichés that, according to him, fail to “demonstrate the reunion and love” between the prince and his wife. “Do not give up, it does not convey an image of sincere love and genuine kisses,” says the expert.

A “nostalgic feeling”

Albert II and Charlene of Monaco pose with their children Jacques and Gabriella. (Oslo, June 22, 2022.) Abaca

Another photograph from the event, in which the couple poses with their children, also caught the eye of Stephen Bunard. “If the prince smiles almost genuinely, it is not the case with Charlene de Monaco, he declares. When we hide the lower part of her face, we don’t see the princess’s smiling eyes. It is therefore a 100% social smile. Also, her gaze lowers from her, which shows us that she is in some kind of nostalgic feeling.

The specialist also notes that the princess’s head “inclines antagonistically to that of Prince Albert.” “However, when people form a group or a pair, heads generally tend to converge towards each other,” he analyzes. So she subconsciously separates herself from the group.” Despite the couple’s desire to show a found unit, “the account is not there,” concludes the specialist.

(1) Your gestures say out loud what you are thinking in a low voiceby Stephen Bunard, published March 8, 2018, Ed. SoBook, 270 pages, €20
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