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The summer sales are fast approaching. They start next Friday, July 1. This time of year is a must if you want to do good business and take advantage of the big brands at bargain prices. But to be sure of finding nuggets at low prices, it’s best to come prepared. The best discounts, places to buy, we give you many tips for successful sales.

What are sales?

Every year the great shopping mass takes place: the famous Sales. During a well-defined period, merchants sell to very low price the products they have in stock. This period of commercial ferment and great destocking is well regulated by the FPS Economy. Follow strict rules. Prohibition, for example, of selling a product that has not been put up for sale at least 30 days before the start of the sales. That is why the new collections do not benefit from discounts.

When do the summer sales start in Belgium?

the launch of summer sales 2022 will be announced on Friday, July 1, the official date of the first day of sales. Attention great period of frenzy in sight. Prices are falling, wallets are trembling and eyes are shining because you can finally buy the most beautiful pieces without spending all your savings. This frivolous atmosphere could suggest that during the sales everything is allowed. Think again, this major business event is well regulated by law. In Belgium, a seller can only use the sales denomination twice a year. The sales are made from January 3 to 31 and from July 1 to 31. If January 3 falls on a Sunday, the sales start on January 2. If July 1 falls on a Sunday, sales start on June 30.

Where to do the summer sales in Belgium in 2022?

a few days after summer sales, you may still be looking for good addresses to do your shopping. From July 1 and the opening of the sales, most stores and brands will apply price reductions. A trip to the city is essential to take advantage of exceptional discounts.

You can choose to walk around the business districts go from store to store with your nose in the wind. If you like to make your life easier, then the Mall it is inevitable. Gather many brands and save a lot of time on the move. Unfortunately, sales and department stores (whether on the street or in a shopping center) often generate queues and crowds. True sales warriors turn to electronic commerce. A place of unlimited shopping, accessible 24 hours a day and in the greatest tranquility. If you are a bit agoraphobic, the internet is the solution. You do great business there without having to face the heat wave or the world.

The summer sales of 2022 on Amazon

It is not necessary to present the temple of online commerce. If good plans are present at Amazon all year round, it is even more so during the sales period. For a month, Amazon will delight its customers. High-tech, phone, appliance, kitchen and housing prices are panicking and we’re having fun. It’s time to prepare for the start of the school year with a new computer, to finally buy this high-end food processor that makes you dream, or even to completely revamp your wardrobe and expand your dressing room with new sneakers or a nice summer outfit.

→ I discover the Summer sales section 2022 on Amazon

Summer sales 2022 in Coolblue

The most user-friendly virtual store in Belgium will also reduce prices. Telephony, audio, cooking, photography and video, Coolblue is the mecca of high technology. This is where you go to change your phone, buy the latest eco-friendly washing machine or vibrate to the bass sound of a premium audio speaker. Most products are delivered the next day if ordered before 11:59 p.m. And it works even on Sundays!

→ I discover the summer sales section 2022 in Coolblue

The summer sales 2022 in Mattresses Emma

Do you dream of lying in the hollow of a very soft bed and snuggling up in a soft duvet? The Emma mattress takes care of your nightly well-being with incredible bedding. Beds, mattresses, duvets and pillows see their prices melt and take advantage of great promotions. The opportunity to remodel her bedroom for one low price and create a cozy cocoon space at will to fall into the arms of Morpheus in thirty seconds flat.

→ I discover the Summer 2022 sales section at Emma Matelas

The summer sales of 2022 in Rakuten

Rakuten is a bit like Amazon in a Japanese version. The e-commerce platform offers the crème de la crème of the trendiest products of the moment. Smartphones, books, video games, appliances, garden furniture, you will find absolutely everything for you and for the house. Of course, with the sale prices, the e-commerce site is even more attractive.

Do you want to surrender to the sirens of online shopping? You have a few days left to do your scouting with complete peace of mind on your sofa. Because the secret of success in sales lies in a good preparation of the land.

→ I discover the Summer 2022 sales section at Rakuten

How to be successful in your sales?

For your sales to be a success, you have to plan them. You will save time and money. For clothing, don’t hesitate to visit the store a few days before the sales start. It’s time to try before the rush. You’ll skip the fitting room lines on D-Day. The sale is also an opportunity to discover beautiful timeless pieces. Well-cut Levis jeans, a leather biker jacket, a smart trench coat. Choose clothes that will accompany you for many years and above all clothes that make you smile and that you will not regret. Instead of fast fashion, she prefers quality pieces.

The best way to not blow your budget is to set a budget. With a spending limit well in mind, you’ll be able to make decisions more easily if your heart sinks between two products. Don’t forget that today the promotions are daily. Privilege sales, mid-season promotions, Black Friday, your number two favorite may soon be on sale again.

The day you decide to go on sale, dress comfortably. The shops are crowded, it will probably be hot and you will spend your time undressing. Easy-to-wear clothing and flat shoes are a must. Get rid of high heels. This rule applies even if you have not planned to buy clothes. A day of sales is to try, we opted for a casual outfit that combines with everything.

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