Instagram is testing a facial recognition tool that can verify a user’s age

Verifying the age of users is not always easy for different sites on the Internet, especially those aimed at an adult audience. In this context, Instagram is currently in the process of try two new verification methodsMoon using subscribers and the other using a facial recognition tool based on Artificial Intelligence.

According to Instagram, this action is carried out in order to check if users are at least 13 years old. It will also be about “ensuring that adolescents and adults have the right experience for their age group.”

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As for the tool facial recognitionsocial media platform aims to prevent, for example, teenagers from accessing Facebook Dating. The tool will also prevent adults from sending messages to minors and the latter from receiving advertising content that is not intended for them.

New verification methods

One of the new methods that Instagram is testing is to ask three mutual subscribers of one user to confirm your age. These subscribers must be at least 18 years old and have three days to respond to the platform’s request. It is still possible for a user to verify their age with an image of their identity document.

Regarding the facial recognition tool, it will be necessary for the user to take a video selfie which Instagram will then send to a company called Yoti. According to the platform, Yoti’s technology will estimate the age of a person according to their facial features. The image will then be deleted by Meta, the parent company of Instagram, and by Yoti.

According to the social media platform, no personal information will be sent to Yoti. The technology cannot recognize a person’s identity, it can only estimate their age.

Unreliable technology?

Although the intention of Instagram may be good in terms of the use of Artificial Intelligence, this new method will not be readily accepted by the public. In fact, with everything Personal Information Leakage Issues has been before, users really don’t trust Facebook and Instagram at this point. In addition, Yoti’s technology more mistakes according to sex, age group or skin color of the user.

According to Yoti co-founder Robin Tombs, his system is already being used by the UK and German governments to detect age using machine learning. However, users of the technology have indicated that it is less accurate when it comes to faces women with dark skinwith a error of plus or minus 3.97 years. On the other hand, she is more precise with the faces light skinned menwith a error of plus or minus 2.38 years.

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