Internet users scandalized by this woman who spends 45 euros a month on bottled water for her bulldog ‘diva’

Henri, a demanding French bulldog, refuses to change his habits. His owner, Lizzi Pallister, is forced to give in to her every whim. In particular, the little dog only drinks bottled water. As a result, he pays no less than 45 euros a month.

The dog is often said to be men’s best friend. It is true that it is a faithful, endearing and sometimes multifaceted animal. Some are endowed with clearly above average intelligence. They can also use it to their advantage. Apparently this is the case french bulldog named henry. After adopting him when he was five months old, the little pup became a full member of the British family. Everything indicates that he is well aware that Lizzy Pallister and the rest of the tribe cares a lot about him.

From an early age, Henry already showed a strong character. It is out of the question for this pet to give up its little habits. He can be uncompromising when his masters refuse to give in to his whims. As a result, its owner Lizzi must, in particular, buy packets of water each month to meet her needs. Monthly, no less than €45 is spent on a plastic bottle.

Henri and his water bottle
Henri and his water bottle – ©tiktok /@lizzilouisepallister

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an expensive whim

Based in Exeter, England, Girl 29 years old lives with his partner, his daughter and Henri. Everything indicates that the animal requires the same treatment as her two-year-old son. In fact, he behaves like a baby. “I have never met a dog like Henry before. He has to be the center of attention, he is 100% a diva.”Lizzi tells micro from Mirror.

Among his whims, the puppy demands his daily bottle, since it is out of his reach to drink the city’s drinking water. “Every morning when I put his bowl of tap water on the floor, he nudges me and then sits looking at me like, ‘Nice try, where’s my bottle?’says his mistress. The mother of the family must also open it in front of him.

It goes without saying that it is a whim that must be satisfied at all costs. In fact, Lizzi must pay at least 45 euros every month. “I consume 2 packs of 12 each week, it costs around 11 euros per week. I have to run errands for the family and also buy their bottles of water.”, Henri’s owner trusts. On TikTok, she shared the video of his dog refusing the water bowl. Within hours, her post had amassed millions of views.

Henry is a real “diva”

Outraged, some netizens pointed out the behavior of Henry’s masters. Populations suffer from lack of drinking water. Although this scourge in poor countries, this British family gave in to this requirement of their pet. This is not the only quirk of the French bulldog. Although his landlady has bought him a cozy bed, he refuses to sleep alone. The little dog prefers to be warm with the rest of the tribe. Besides, it’s out of the question for him climbing stairs or even of take too long walks. Henry can be cranky when he doesn’t get what he wants.

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