Lose weight: these foods that help you lose weight in summer

by Jessica Meurens

Just because summer is here doesn’t mean it’s too late to lose some weight. If you want to slim down this season, there are a few essentials you should have in your fridge. We tell you everything.

We often talk about a diet to prepare your “summer body”… But if you want to lose weight, you can do it during the summer, and even after your vacation! In addition, the strong summer heat is perfect for eating lighter.

Therefore, you can take advantage of this season to review your eating routine and thus have a much healthier diet. As a result, you will turn to fresher and much less fatty or heavy foods. Therefore, you will be able to lose weight naturally. If you want to take advantage of the summer season and its high temperatures to lose weight, there are foods that you cannot stop having in the fridge. In fact, some have benefits for the silhouette and therefore can help you achieve your goals.

These are the foods you should have in your fridge to lose weight in summer

– Vegetables: Although it seems obvious, it is worth remembering. In fact, vegetables are generally rich in water and fiber, which makes them the allies of our weight loss.

– Fruits: Like vegetables, fruits provide fiber and vitamins. Therefore, they are perfect to help you lose weight, especially in the summer. Be careful not to overdo it because most of them are very sweet.

– Lean meats: it is important to stock up on protein if you want to lose weight. So opt for turkey or chicken, which are low in calories and fat but high in protein and great allies for burning fat.

– Blue fish: despite its name, blue fish is a true ally to lose weight. In fact, tuna, salmon or mackerel are rich in Omega 3, that is, good fats that the body needs.

– Aromatic herbs: in addition to adding flavor to dishes, they have slimming properties. In fact, they allow you to limit your salt intake and some even have fat-burning properties.

– Eggs: they are rich in protein and will give you what you need to burn calories this summer. there is still
advises consuming them in the morning, because they allow you to stay full and thus avoid cravings.

– Cottage cheese: besides being very satiating, cottage cheese is the perfect ally to lose weight without depriving yourself. Ideal for breakfast or as a snack, it is rich in nutrients, calcium and protein.

– Unsweetened almond milk: this vegetable milk is very rich in nutrients, vitamin D and calcium. As a result, it is the perfect ally to keep you satiated throughout the morning. It is best to consume it in the morning. In the form of porridge, for example, it will be much less caloric than classic milk.

– Kombucha: a drink that has been very fashionable for a few years. It promotes fat burning, is low in sugar and rich in probiotics. This makes it the perfect drink to pamper the intestines.

Obviously, it is important to have a healthy and varied diet, be physically active and lead a healthy lifestyle if you want to lose weight in a healthy way.

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