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The visual creations of the campaign are signed by the Insign agency.

“Every day we win by being interested in health” is the invitation that the new Inserm campaign makes to everyone. Its objective is to promote in a simple way the usefulness of the research carried out by the Institute and its daily benefit for the health of each one of us. Through a simple, contemporary and positive creative bias, the first highlight of this campaign will be visible in the form of posters in most stations in France and in the Paris metro from June 28, 2022. Communication It will also be offered in digital media. and deployed in various formats until 2023.

After more than two years of the pandemic, everyone has assimilated such complicated terms as PCR testing, epidemiology, or even RNA. The mechanism of this campaign is based on this observation and plays on the complexity of these science-derived words to arouse curiosity and engage the general public. But, and this is the main objective of Inserm’s message, the campaign also immediately shows the benefit of advances for our health.

The creative choices in this campaign aim to make our science accessible, contemporary, upbeat and reach everyone. To do this, people of all ages who carry out a daily activity have been chosen to embody it so that all generations can identify with one of the proposed situations.

This campaign is a continuation of the “science and society” actions initiated by Inserm since 2019 to promote a better perception of science and the usefulness of the Institute in its ability to meet the expectations of citizens in terms of advances in biomedical research. .

This objective is now included in the objectives, resources and performance contract signed between Inserm and the State at the beginning of the year.

For Dr. Gilles Bloch, CEO of Inserm: “It is important to concretely show the benefit that each one of us can expect from the research carried out at Inserm. One of our best examples is the NutriScore. Today, it has entered people’s lives and helps them make informed food choices that are good for their health. Choosing food products based on their color code seems very simple. But who knows that behind this device there are several years of cutting-edge research to develop a reliable and robust algorithm? This is what we want to show. Many years of excellent scientific research are often hidden behind every daily use of health. »

“Proposing the message of a useful, positive science, at the center of our lives and at the service of all, is our main communication challenge.explains Carine Delrieu, director of communication at Inserm. We have been carrying out sustained work for more than three years to establish Inserm’s reputation, demonstrate the daily usefulness of our science and become a true hallmark of credibility in terms of scientific information in the face of informational disorders that harm society as a whole. together And the results are there: our website registers more than 12 million visits a year, which are as many responses to questions from citizens about health research, our social networks are very dynamic and all our editorial content is dedicated to the fight against false information are consulted and increasingly known. »

This new campaign is one more lever to further reinforce the perception of our utility at the service of society.

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The visual creations of the campaign are signed by the Insign agency.

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