TEST – Our opinion on the Huawei GT 3 Pro: A less sporty but more elegant style than the GT 3

I had barely finished testing the Huawei GT 3 when I was invited to test the GT 3 Pro. No rest for Huawei, which is chaining smartwatch launches, and no rest for me. Being the watches very similar, I direct you to the Huawei GT3 review for generalities and I will describe here only the main differences.


The watches are technically identical, but design-wise they are quite different. The GT 3 had already enchanted me with its design, the GT 3 Pro is just as magnificent, in a less sporty style but more elegant thanks to its seamless gray titanium body. I like this unique design, angular and sharp, like the Lamborghinis or the Lockheed Martin F-117 fighter plane. The GT 3 Pro looks more like the Huawei Watch 3 in elegance to me than the GT 3. I challenge those who don’t find Huawei smartwatches pretty to find ones that are as pretty as the competition.

GT3 PRO and GT3

Construction technique and materials

Thanks to titanium body By incorporating the bracelet, GPS chips could be integrated with the effect of improving accuracy. No more complaints about my running lines drifting a few meters, the accuracy is perfect in open terrain and it only slips a few times in urban areas.

The magnificent AMOLED screen is identical to the GT 3, offers resolution 466×466 for a pixel density of 326 dpi. No need to try to make it better, this screen is already perfect.

When I receive products to test, I am very thorough, because I would be embarrassed to return them damaged. I had accidentally brushed against my garage wall with the Huawei GT 3, but luckily it hadn’t scratched the glass. The GT 3 Pro is equipped with a Crystal Sapphire “glass”, just the name makes me dream and impresses me. This material is known to be hyper-scratch resistant (but not impossible to scratch). The test period of this watch was during my vacations, I did not pay attention to the pool, the sand, or the sun that hit directly during my nap… Despite this, the glass has no scratches (ugh).

GT3 PRO and GT3

Finally, the back cover of the GT 3 Pro is in nanocrystalline ceramic, unlike the GT 3’s plastic, which is supposed to make wearing it more comfortable. However, I did not notice any difference.

Who says quality materials, says greater weight, just comparing the technical sheets of the two watches I found that the GT 3 Pro is 12g heavier. On the wrist, the difference is not felt at all, neither in everyday life nor for sports activities. Wrist comfort is excellent.

From a technical point of view, Huawei is quite discreet and it is difficult to find the correct information about it. However, it seems that both watches are equipped with 4 GB of Ram and 32 GB of memoryenough to run Harmony OS without any slowdowns, as well as to install apps or music.

the big blue

The marketing communication of this watch being strongly focused on diving, I took advantage of my vacations to check the statistics that it would give me during my underwater explorations. Instead of the 30 meters that the watch can withstand, I settled for the 2 meters that my body can withstand. Suffice it to say that the results obtained did not show any interest.

Although it is one of the selling points of this model, I wonder what is, in all the users of these multisport watches, the percentage of diver compared to soccer players? Because, as a reminder, neither football nor mini-football are offered in the one hundred sports activities on the clock. I know, I insist a lot, but it should not be difficult to integrate this sport into the watch, given the incredible research and development laboratory created by Huawei to analyze health data in real “sports” situations.


The GT 3 Pro incorporates all the classic health functions (pulse, SPO2, VO2 Max, sleep quality, etc.), but adds an electrocardiogram (ECG), as with some competitors. However, this novelty will only be functional when the certificate is approved, which will not take long.

Small evolution available when the GT 3 Pro launches, and maybe it will come with an update on the other watches, on the training index indicators, there are two data, fitness and fatigue. After several weeks of sport these seem more accurate than in the GT 3.


Only the battery deserves a chapter, since it is one of the great advantages of the watches in the GT 3 range. Like the GT 3, the GT 3 Pro has a battery life of 10-14 days (tested and validated). On vacation, I got the impression that it discharged faster in direct sunlight. During a nap on my lounger, the watch went into a special mode, warning me that it was overheating. Despite this, she is not never fell below 10 days of autonomy!

Charge speed increased by 30%. In 10 minutes the watch earns 25%, enough to last 3 days! Since the watch lasts ten days without charging, this improvement may seem useless to some, but it can help if you don’t want to carry your chargers with you everywhere.

harmony 2.0 operating system

The more I use and test Huawei watches, the more I appreciate Harmony OS. In the 4 weeks with GT 3 Pro, there have been 2 updates! These are certainly small improvements, but they prove once again that Huawei continues to develop its internal operating system.

I don’t understand the logic in Huawei watch updates because surprisingly, even though I installed the latest versions of Harmony OS on both watches simultaneously, they were not identical.

In conclusion

The Huawei GT 3 Pro is a slightly improved version of the GT 3. The main differences are in the materials used, body and glass, which are more noble. As a result, the bill increases significantly. The version with rubber strap is sold. €369 on Amazon and go up to €499 for the model with a titanium bracelet.

If I had to choose one of the two watches, in relation to my needs and my budget, I would choose the Huawei GT 3. It meets all my expectations and the price is reasonable (usually below €200). Not having the usefulness of the ECG or the great accuracy of the GPS, the Huawei GT 3 is enough for me.

The Huawei GT 3 Pro is a more exclusive watch, thanks to the noble materials, the most elegant design, but the price is practically doubled. Both watches are excellent, all you have to do is choose according to your needs.

Huawei GT 3 Pro


manufacturing quality


Value for money



  • Material quality
  • Exclusive design
  • Autonomy
  • GPS accuracy
  • Improved Training Index


  • Little difference with the GT 3
  • Installation of App Gallery essential
  • price
  • ECG not yet available

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