Welexit wins the first prize in the “International LegalTech Competition: e-Access to Justice”, with the support of the Brussels Bar Association – Press Releases

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Organized by the New Technologies Commission of the European Bar Association (FBE), the theme of this year’s contest was digital access to justice. The participants had to demonstrate how their digitization solution contributes to increasing the efficiency of justice and facilitating access to it.

The final of the competition took place during the General Congress of the FBE in Sofia (Bulgaria), from June 23 to 25, 2022. The jury was composed of members of the FBE and the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE). .

Welexit, which represented the Brussels Bar Association (Francophone order) during the final of the contest, beat its two Spanish and Polish finalist competitors. The team that represented Welexit in the competition consisted of Yizhaq Kricheli, CEO (co-founder), Maor Benzvi CTO (co-founder), and Nikolay Marinov, lawyer at the Brussels Bar Association.

“We are very happy with this professional recognition at European level. This award comes at the right time to support the development of our startup that aims to democratize access to legal advice, putting citizens in contact with a lawyer located near them and competent to respond to their specific problem. In fact, we are in the process of raising funds to continue the IT development of our platform and to expand our network of associated lawyers in Belgium. This visibility with members of the bar association can be very beneficial for us, both with investors and with lawyers”, says Yizhaq Kricheli, co-founder and CEO of Welexit.

“Welexit provides a simple and effective digital solution to bridge the gap that too often exists between litigants and legal professionals. In fact, access to a lawyer is often perceived as complex and costly, and as a result, many citizens are discouraged from asserting their rights. It was therefore only natural that the Brussels Bar Association supported Welexit as an inspiring Belgian innovation”, says Marc Isgour, associate lawyer at Berenboom & Associés, and member of the Council of the Order of the Brussels Bar Association.

Reminder of the Welexit principle

Welexit provides a fast and affordable solution to deal with legal problems such as a dispute with a neighbor, a divorce that promises to be difficult, a conflict with an employer, over-indebtedness, a lease that goes wrong, an unpaid bill from a supplier, etc.

  1. Just fill out an online form on the site www.welexit.be.
    A competent dispute attorney will return your call promptly, at a time that is most convenient for you. This 20-minute first appointment, for the modest sum of EUR 29 (or EUR 39 in the office), allows you to clarify the subject and understand the possible options.
    If necessary and by mutual agreement, the discussion continues between the two parties, outside of Welexit.

More than 130 lawyers in Belgium are already Welexit partners. The goal is to reach a group of 1,000 lawyers in two years to respond to as many cases as possible throughout Belgium.

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