“A totally surreal interview with a talkative and overwhelmed Emmanuel Macron”: the French president addressed the National Day

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, leader of LFI (video): “I am struck by your indifference to the social suffering that is spreading in our country. (…) How can you have (…) as your only speech again the inequalities, social violence, that is, working longer – which is not absolutely necessary – and depriving more people of their unemployment benefits (…), all this with the rather crude idea that people would prefer allowances to real work. (…) Definitely everything that comes out of his mouth is a kind of defiance and aggression against the mass of French people who listen to him”.

Mathilde Panot, president of the LFI group in the assembly (twitter): “No salary increase, unemployment insurance reform, uberization assumed, retirement at 65… This July 14, King Macron must remember that the only sovereign of our country is the people!”

Olivier Faure, first secretary of the PS (Twitter): “I have tried in vain to take every opportunity to engage with Emmanuel Macron. Salaries, unemployment insurance, pensions, uberization of work, tax on super-profits: his course is clear. It is extended the hand does not concern us.”

Fabien Roussel, National Secretary of the PCF (Twitter): “Energy and food crisis: the president is preparing the French for new difficulties. Above all, we must restore our sovereignty and tackle speculation! Invest and invest to regain our independence, protect the nation and the French”.

Julien Bayou, National Secretary of EELV (Twitter): “Great feat of Emmanuel Macron, able to talk about the difficulties of hiring in tense jobs without saying a word about the obligation to increase wages and improve poor working conditions” .

Bruno Retailleau, president of the LR group in the Senate (press release): “Emmanuel Macron is disloyal to the French because he will have spent the interview twisting the truth to hide his failures (…) To be successful, Macron 2 must do it is imperative to take stock of Macron 1. The President of the Republic cannot remain stagnant in his first five-year term”.

Olivier Marleix, president of the LR group in the National Assembly (Twitter): “No Emmanuel Macron, the national representation vote is never a + overnight heat stroke +. It is the voice of the French in their diversity.”

Laurent Jacobelli, deputy for RN (on BFMTV): “Those who thought that Emmanuel Macron could change were wrong. He is obtuse, stubborn, he will never change. He continues his desire for social damage, with the reform of unemployment insurance and the reform of pensions, and a policy of austerity”. “He is a president of the Republic on the surface who has not understood anything”

Julien Odoul, deputy RN (BFMTV): “The + heat stroke +, that’s called democracy. Mr. Macron will have to get used to it. (…) We have a National Assembly that reflects the currents of opinion in the country (… ). I appeal to sobriety in general and to humility.”

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, deputy and president of Debout la France (Twitter): “Totally surreal interview with a talkative and overwhelmed Emmanuel Macron! How will the French people put up with this for another 5 years?”

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