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(Pocket-lint) – Apple is expected to announce its next Smart watch later this year in the form ofapple watch series 8but various reports indicate that the company is also working on a new SE watchas well as an extreme sports model.

It’s not yet clear what the extreme sports version of the Apple Watch will be called, but the name Apple Watch Pro has been discussed, along with the Apple Watch Explorer Edition and a few others.

For now, we’ll be using the Apple Watch Pro as part of this feature. So here’s everything we know so far about the rugged Apple Watch or Explorer.

What will the rugged Apple Watch be called?

  • Suggested Apple Watch Pro
  • Sport, Explorer, Max all possible

There’s currently no official confirmation of a rugged Apple Watch launch, let alone a name confirmation, but we can still speculate.

The Apple Watch Pro was suggested by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, which we think is a pretty strong suggestion. The Apple Watch is essentially the only Apple product that hasn’t yet received the “Pro” treatment, theiPhoneiPad, Mac and AirPods all offer a Pro model.

The Apple Watch Explorer Edition has also been suggested in the past, but there’s also potential for Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch Max, Apple Watch Active and Apple Watch Extreme. Naturally, there is a possibility that it is also called something completely different. We think the strongest case is for the Apple Watch Pro, so we’re sticking with that.

Release date and price

  • September 2022?
  • From €900?

The Apple Watch Series 8 is expected to appear alongside the Apple iPhone 14 models sometime in September as usual, though this has yet to be confirmed and we suspect it won’t be for some time.

The date is rumored to be September 13, as it coincides with previous models, and the rugged Apple Watch is suggested to appear alongside the Series 8 model and a new Watch SE model.

In terms of price, the Apple Watch rugged model is expected to be more expensive than the standard Watch Series 8. Given that that model is likely to start at £369/$399, we’d expect the Pro model to cost more than the Series 8 stainless steel models, which will likely start around £599/$699, like the Series 7. Of course, they could be more expensive, and the price of the Pro model would then be higher.

The iPhone Pro starts at $300 more than the standard model, which could see a Pro model of the Apple Watch break the £900/$999 mark. But that’s just guesswork for now.


Design and display

  • strongest case
  • bigger screen

The rugged model of the Apple Watch would have a metal casing that is stronger than aluminum and could have a rugged case. It is not yet known what metal it is made of, but titanium could be an option.

It is also claimed that the Apple Watch Pro will offer a larger screen than the Apple Watch Series 8, with a 1.99 or 2-inch screen and a resolution of 410 x 502 pixels. Rumors suggest that it will also be more shock resistant than current models.

Otherwise, details on what we can expect in terms of the Apple Watch Pro’s design are scant. We expect it to look similar to the standard Series 8, with the digital crown and side button to the right of the rectangular case, and we also expect a IP index decent to allow the practice of more extreme sports.


  • Body temperature sensor?
  • Advanced swimming and hiking tracking
  • sports tracking

The more rugged Apple Watch is rumored to come with the same features as the Apple Watch Series 8, which would include a body temperature sensor, and the Pro model will also come with a more advanced swim and hike tracking system.

There are some additional features that come with os 9 clock which will also come naturally to the Apple Watch Pro, including more advanced sleep tracking.

You’ll also likely find everything the Apple Watch Series 7 has to offer, like heart rate tracking, SpO2 tracking, plenty of sports tracking, and of course smartphone notifications.

Specifications and hardware

  • Same chip as Series 7
  • bigger battery

The Apple Watch Series 8 functions as the same as the Watch Series 7 and the Watch Series 6. It is known that the robust model receives a new version, more for the moment, the rumors do not give details About that.

The battery of the ruggedized model of the Apple Watch would be larger, which would be expected, especially if it is intended for extreme sports.

Otherwise, we expect to find the same sensors as in the Watch Series 7, with a potential body temperature sensor, as some reports claim.

Apple Watch Pro Rumors: What’s Happened So Far?

Here’s everything we’ve heard about the rugged Apple Watch so far.

July 11, 2022: Will Apple’s extreme sports smartwatch be called the Apple Watch Pro?

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says the rugged Apple Watch could be called the Appel Watch Pro and would differ with a larger, more shock-resistant screen, a tougher non-aluminum body, and longer battery life. He also says it will come with improved swim and walk tracking.

July 7, 2022: The rugged Apple Watch Series 8 model will feature a larger screen, stronger battery, and stronger metal case.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported a few more details about the rugged Apple Watch, saying it would have a bigger screen, a more durable case and a bigger battery.

June 28, 2022: Apple Watch Series 8 will join new Rugged and SE models

Reporting by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg that the Apple Watch Series 8 should be accompanied by a new SE model and a rugged edition aimed at lovers of extreme sports.

March 26, 2021: Apple plans to release an “Explorer Edition” watch designed for extreme conditions and athletes in 2021.

A Bloomberg report indicates that There’s been talk of a sports-focused Apple Watch, and it’s pointing to a 2021 or 2022 release.

Written by Britta O’Boyle.

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