Sunflower oil: consumers insufficiently informed about the recipe change

This is information that has gone unnoticed by many consumers. versus shortage, some products had to modify their recipes to replace sunflower oil with other types, such as rapeseed oil. Although manufacturers had promised to clearly inform consumers of these changes when buying the products in question, some did not play the game, he stressed. UFC-Que Choisir July 14.

However, the agreement was clear between the manufacturers, the distributors and the associations of consumers as UFC-Que Choisir. According to a survey by the association, of almost 246 points of sale in 45 departments, the vast majority did not clearly inform their customers. If Bercy’s only indication to inform consumers was that the distributors “be imaginative”, most of the time the distributors were content to print on an A4 sheet the information note from the Directorate General for Competition, Consumption and Fraud Prevention (DGCCRF).

Not enough signage for customers.

Among the supermarkets visited by the respondents, 61% had not displayed the information at the reception of the store. This figure even rises to 68% for smaller stores such as convenience stores. Among the brands, some even act as very poor students, such as the Intermarché stores, which did not play the game at 92%, while, at best, the Cora stores still register more than a third of the stores in lack.


Shortage of sunflower oil: the complete list of products whose recipe has been modified

The situation was no better for shelf display. Still according to information collected by UFC-Que Choisir, 81% of the shelves did not mention the substitution of one oil for another, despite the large number of affected products such as breaded fish, chicken nuggets, cordon bleu (78 to 87% without display), ravioli, fresh or canned, lasagna and cannelloni (79 to 82%), sardines in oil or other sauces (79%), or even cookies and cakes (75%). Regarding the display at the checkout, 81% of the brands had no display, while the stores of the Intermarché group registered the unequivocal score of 100% of stores without a display.

A rather incomplete DEROG mention

If distributors are anything to go by, manufacturers haven’t put much effort into this information mission about prescription changes, either. According to data from the consumer association, almost two-thirds (64%) simply displayed the mention “DEROG” on their products, without specifying the replacement oil. However, some brands serve as good students, sometimes with a clearly explicit mention of this change.


Sunflower oil shortage: Nutri-Score downgraded for dozens of products

If these changes may seem trivial, UFC-Que Choisir points out that the nutriscores of certain products are modified by this recipe change, to the extent that sunflower oil, relatively balanced for its fatty acid content, can be replaced byPalm oil or coconut, oils very rich in fatty acids and therefore less good for health.

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