Test: Trust GXT 391 Thian – The eco-friendly gaming headset

We can say that the market for gaming headsets is quite complete and rich. The Trust brand, through its GX range I have also been trying for some time to find a place. and with him Trust GXT 391 Thian Wireless Gaming Headsetthe brand is trying a greener approach.

First, we noticed the packaging that does not use an extra gram of cardboard. We are used to some manufacturers with quite luxurious packaging, filled with foam and storage to give a high-end appearance. This is not the case in Trust, but this is done on purposeand the goal of this article will be to determine if this reflects the quality of the helmet.

The box indicates that the helmet is made from recycled materials, which makes this product more environmentally friendly than many other products in its class. you know that technology in general has a large ecological footprintand it is good to see that some market players are concerned about this aspect.

On noticed that build quality is particularly good and that the sound that comes out of it is of good quality, the bass in particular. Of course, do not expect the audio quality offered by more expensive headphones, but a sound at the height of its price of 69.99 euros.

Whether in games or watching series, the bass is very satisfying. The microphone also does what it should. Audio chats on Discord or console weren’t a problem either, so this Trust Thian does what is expected of him in terms of microphone.

Visually, the helmet looks quite basic, without a fancy finish, but rather sober and elegant. It’s still black, with white details, with the brand’s name on the ear cups and headband. The ear cups and the bottom of the headband are made of synthetic leather., while the other parts are made of matte plastic. Additionally, the foldable microphone is located on the left side of the device and is flexible enough to be placed exactly where you want it.

The box has the convenience of listenersbut it is clear that these are quite small and do not encompass the entire ear. Nevertheless, the foam is nice and the pressure does not bother, even with glasses. The Thian can be used daily and works on most devices that allow dongle connection, such as PCs and most consoles. Otherwise, the audio cable will be used to connect it to the mobiles.

Also noteworthy is the weight of just over two hundred grams of the helmetand I must admit that the Thian achieves be forgotten during long sessions of use, especially since it is also extremely flexible. It also allows you to throw it in your bag or drop it multiple times without really having to worry about damaging it.

Delivered with, you will also have a charging cable which seems to have played the economy since it measures only about a foot while the audio cable is braided and measures a comfortable meter twenty. To charge it, plug it into your PC or use one of its USB-C cables for added convenience.

at the level of autonomy, I was able to see a good dozen hours of use, which is a little less than what is indicated on the box as well as the competition in general.

Trust GXT 391 Thian


and brief

Trust GXT 391 Thian is a very decent wireless gaming headset that tastes good to be made of recycled materials. Without reaching the qualities of a top-of-the-range headset, with an autonomy that can be improved and headphones that are a bit small for my taste, it is very good in sound reproduction, its solidity and its comfort of use.

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