You take in too much vitamin D and your life becomes a nightmare.

Shock! A 50-year-old British man took too much vitamin D, leading to a long hospital stay. ScienceAlert reports that his vitamin D levels are seven times higher than average.

Vitamin D is found in many foods such as fish, mushrooms, avocados, etc. Our body produces it when our skin is interacting with the sun’s rays. In addition, despite the positive effects for our body, it is recommended to consume in moderationat the risk of ending up like this 50-something British man with vitamin D presence 400 times the recommended daily dose. The latter consulted his doctor for “recurrent vomiting, nausea, leg cramps, tinnitus, abdominal pain, dry mouth, increased sensation of thirst and diarrheaHis symptoms had lasted three months. that made him lose 13 kilos. You medical He immediately requested hospitalization.

His blood tests revealed that this man had higher levels of magnesium and calcium than the average, that is, 7 times higher than normal. Due “high concentrations of minerals and vitamins that you were taking“, his kidneys were no longer working normally. As an explanation, the Briton told his doctor that he was seeking further treatment. for various health problems.

Doctors warn of vitamin D overdose

This man’s case is not unfortunately not isolated, although it made headlines in the British press. Although scientific researchers have focused on the protective effect of the vitamin against the virus of COVID-19to them doctorsmeanwhile repressed an increase in cases of vitamin D poisoningcalled hypervitaminosis D.”Globally, we see an increasing tendency to hypervitaminosis D, a clinical condition characterized by elevated levels of vitamin D3. Given the slow renovation in which it develops vitamin D toxicitysymptoms can last for several weeksreported the scientific journal BMJ Magazinespublished on July 6.

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