A strange lake discovered at the bottom of the Red Sea

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[EN VIDÉO] Beauty of ocean currents
This computer model reveals the beauty and complexity of ocean currents observed from space between June 2005 and December 2007. © Nasa/Goddard Space Flight Center/YouTube

sea ​​water is salty, Everybody knows. If the salt content is on average 35 g/L, the La salinité est l’une des…” data-image=”https://cdn.futura-sciences.com/buildsv6/images/midioriginal/1/e/6/1e63d7d2a5_50034707_campagne-mesure-salinite-captain-robert-pawlowski-noaa.jpg” data-url=”https://news.google.com/sciences/definitions/chimie-salinite-4406/” data-more=”Lire la suite”>salinity it is, however, variable. In fact, it can be modified by local constraints, such as freshwater inflow and evaporation. The salt content of the Black Sea is quite low due to the contribution of several rivers, while the Mediterranean is over-salinized due to the strong evaporation it suffers.

There are also small variations in surface salinity, which depend mainly on the climatic zone (tropical, intertropical, etc.), seasons and currents. In general, these variations balance out with depth. in the middle level Notez que l’on peut imaginer…” data-image=”https://cdn.futura-sciences.com/buildsv6/images/midioriginal/1/0/f/10f7657736_121079_latitude-coordonnee.jpg” data-url=”https://news.google.com/planete/definitions/geographie-latitude-720/” data-more=”Lire la suite”>latitudes, strong evaporation means that the water is saltier at the surface than at depth. Then, descending, a rapid decrease in salinity is observed, thus defining a strong Le gradient en mathématiques, un vecteur
Pour les mathématiciens, le terme de gradient désigne un vecteur représentant la variation d’une fonction par rapport à la variation de…” data-image=”https://cdn.futura-sciences.com/buildsv6/images/midioriginal/3/9/3/39343aba22_79200_gradient.jpg” data-url=”https://news.google.com/sciences/definitions/physique-gradient-15141/” data-more=”Lire la suite”>degraded
vertical salinity called halocline. Salinity, together with temperature, strongly influences the density of seawater, which generates strong layering which develops mainly between 0 and 500 meters deep.

A hypersaline lake discovered at the bottom of the Red Sea

But there are extreme cases, relatively rare, in which the sea water is so salty that it literally “sinks” to the bottom due to its high density to form strange underwater lakes. Recently, such a group of La saumure peut se former naturellement, par évaporation ou congélation de l’eau de mer, et par dissolution de roches sédimentaires (sel gemme) formées par l’évaporation d’anciennes mers.” data-url=”https://news.google.com/planete/definitions/oceanographie-saumure-5996/” data-more=”Lire la définition”>brine It was discovered at the bottom of the Gulf of Aqaba, north of the Red Sea.

OceanX has made an amazing discovery: a saltwater pool teeming with life, more than 1,700 meters deep. © OceanX

While diving to a depth of 1,770 meters, one of the OceanX expedition’s ROV submarines fell over a vast expanse ofApparition de l’eau saumâtre
L’eau saumâtre peut apparaître à la suite de la…” data-image=”https://cdn.futura-sciences.com/buildsv6/images/midioriginal/9/2/f/92fa4767c3_50035363_marycesyl-flikr-cc-02.jpg” data-url=”https://news.google.com/planete/definitions/oceanographie-eau-saumatre-6598/” data-more=”Lire la suite”>Brackish water
of 10,000mtwo. Analyzes performed within this actual lake Inventé en 1624 par Cornelis Drebbel
Utilisation et description du sous-marin
À usage civil et militaire, il sert généralement de navire de guerre ou est employé pour la recherche…” data-image=”https://cdn.futura-sciences.com/buildsv6/images/midioriginal/4/e/0/4e0f60c480_50037804_usnavyseawolfsubmarine-02.jpg” data-url=”https://news.google.com/planete/definitions/oceanographie-sous-marin-11148/” data-more=”Lire la suite”>submarine
revealed the presence of large communities of Ce terme englobe une variété d’espèces très différentes, qu’elles soient procaryotes (bactéries) ou eucaryotes (levures, algues)….” data-image=”https://cdn.futura-sciences.com/buildsv6/images/midioriginal/1/7/5/1753fd009d_50035172_escherichia-coli-microorganisme-ars-wikimedia-03.jpg” data-url=”https://news.google.com/sante/definitions/biologie-micro-organisme-6183/” data-more=”Lire la suite”>microbes. And this is far from obvious, because this type of environment is particularly inhospitable. First, the salinity there is extremely high. In fact, it has been measured at 160 PSU, or 160 grams of salt per kilo of water! Second, the amount of oxygen there is almost nil, defining an environment En biologie, l’anoxie caractérise la souffrance cellulaire provoquée par un manque d’oxygène dans le sang. Dans un milieu anoxique, seuls des organismes simples peuvent se développer.” data-image=”https://cdn.futura-sciences.com/buildsv6/images/midioriginal/5/7/4/57444e8c08_50084140_poisson-morts-01.jpg” data-url=”https://news.google.com/sante/definitions/biologie-anoxie-13186/” data-more=”Lire la définition”>anoxic. The study of living organisms in this type of environment therefore, it is particularly important for understanding the adaptability of life to very hostile conditions, an essential question for the search for traces of life on other planets.

An interesting geological archive containing the traces of various earthquakes and tsunamis.

The other question that interested the scientists in charge of this oceanographic mission is the origin of this brine lake. Two hypotheses are raised. The first is the dissolution of evaporite rocks present in the sediments at the bottom of the Red Sea. Evaporites, such as salt or castthey are rocks resulting from the evaporation of sea water. These levels would have been formed at the time of the salinity crisis at the end of the Miocene, when the The Red Sea was parting and then formed a shallow and still closed basin.. The second hypothesis involves evaporation atair free of seawater in today’s sebkhas, which are shallow, flood-prone depressions located on the coast. the liquid the hypersaline produced at the level of the sebkhas would thus filter through the coastal plateau to come and accumulate at the bottom of the slope, at the bottom of the ocean.

This brine lake also contains an interesting geological archive, with the presence of sedimentary deposits that testify, according to the authors of the study published in nature communicationsthe occurrence of several tsunamicaused by strong tremors Structure du globe…” data-image=”https://cdn.futura-sciences.com/buildsv6/images/midioriginal/8/4/f/84ff7edce5_123534_terre-apollo8.jpg” data-url=”https://news.google.com/planete/definitions/structure-terre-terre-4725/” data-more=”Lire la suite”>Earth that have shaken the region in recent centuries.

This study demonstrates all the scientific interest that this type of brackish lake represents, of which only a few dozen specimens are currently known.

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