Beasties (Nintendo Switch) – The Test

A collection of small critters, fights with classic-traditional match 3 shots, a little adventure sauce to top it all off, nothing more was needed to turn us with emotion towards the Beasties universe. It only remains to face the facts: either we are facing a small masterpiece, or the copy (yes, we are all thinking about Pikachu!) only looks good on paper.

Published by Just For Games, Beasties easily reminds our beloved Pokémon that we like, for the most part, to collect in ever-growing balls in our bag. That idea of ​​collecting bugs… Impossible not to realize it before this test. Having said that, let’s move on to the Beasties – today’s arrival in the game is very sketchy, but it does come with some very nice graphics with nice bright colours. All served in French, so let’s stay optimistic until then.

Badaboum. Very quickly, the first hole comes suddenly. Here we are reduced to a small laborer wandering the roads, like an accessory of his own with a bag on his back. Apart from a relatively slow pace, the choice of characters in the game is in fact very unusual since each one is symbolized in this way. In NT, it vaguely brought back some memories of childhood games like “Who’s that?” “. Surely many of you will have the reference…

After a few small exchanges, the little pawn is ready to go on an adventure with his first beast (a cutesy), to collect other creatures in the vicinity. Tall grass loves it. Seriously ! Once a bulky B (B for Beastie) appears, the fight can begin. The latter revolves around the manipulation of colored gems, as well as “gears” that give rise to attacks. Each beast has its own attack, subject to particular gem collection. So if your beast is more of a fan of red gems, collect the required number to unlock its power (which can heal you and hit your enemy depending on the capabilities of said power). In fact, getting started is quick and intuitive. However, the absence of touch control is very unfortunate as the matches 3 easily lend themselves to this type of practice.

If your defense and life have not been destroyed before, while those of your enemies are reduced to nothing, you will emerge victorious from the battle. Some Coins and Dust of Dawn will then be added to your bag. A stack of 10 Dawn Dusts will allow you to craft a Dawn Disc needed to advance your Beasties (increased defense, attack, health points, etc.). There is no real evolution here, nor are there changes to appearance.

What about catching bugs? Like many apps on the market, it will be necessary to weaken the beast first, before using a BeastiLien (a kind of half capsule, half horseshoe!). Sometimes it works and you get a new Beastie, sometimes it resists and you used a BeastiLink for nothing. This is life !

A few small flourishes will complete your adventure, however very briefly… Using a tool will allow you, for example, to break wood, or even some rocks to extract minerals. However, all this will remain very superficial.

There is the game’s very, very big flaw: the lack of content. The map is small, the town devoid of interest except for the character taking care of your critters, making them evolve and repairing your tool. The game ends extremely quickly, too quickly… We were clearly left unsatisfied, clearly thinking that we were at the beginning of a game that is certainly not without its flaws, but keeps the interest going through the always addictive Match 3 games. (although very classic). Our astonishment at the arrival of the credits was real. As well as the lack of interest in continuing the game afterwards to collect the last Beasties – the village members have simply disappeared! So we deliberately lost all of our Beasties to push the software to the limit: care for bugs is provided after our team has lived, but no characters appear. Unable to continue your level gains. In short, we stopped there… Obviously, there was nothing more to discover.

Beastie is available in the Nintendo Switch eshop for 15 euros. A box version is available.

did you know
Let’s go back to the Pokémon master… A master who, however, did not make you dream when he started at Nintendo! In fact, the teams were not convinced and the project was initially rejected several times. Finally it was Shigeru Myamoto who gave the small team of critters a chance…world famous today!



  • A good basic idea…
  • Some endearing critters to collect…
  • Nice graphics…


  • …. but who could have been so much better!
  • … but very few!
  • …but a ridiculous map and insignificant characters.
  • Very short with little content.
  • Radical ending.

note detail

  • Graphics

  • how to play

  • Life expectancy

  • content richness

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