Don’t play in direct sunlight this summer!

Heat and electronics rarely go together. Nintendo warns its players about the risks that summer brings.

If you have a Nintendo Switch, you may be planning to take it with you on vacation this summer. And it’s a great idea, especially if you let yourself be tempted by one of the games of our individual selections either multiplayer. However, you must take certain essential precautions, especially if you have chosen a sunny destination. This is why Nintendo warns its players about certain risks they incur if they are not careful.

On Twitter, the firm reminds that the Nintendo Switch is not designed to withstand extreme temperatures, neither hot nor cold. The console should also not be exposed to an environment of more than 35 ° C, which is not really huge, especially in this heat wave period. Especially since you have to take into account that the temperatures shown in the bulletins or in the weather applications are valid in the shade and not in direct sunlight.

For those who do not understand Japanese, the signature indicates that the Nintendo Switch should only be used in environments between 5 and 35 ° C and that it is absolutely necessary to monitor the ports outlined in red so that the ventilation works correctly. If you accidentally block these ports while gaming, you risk increasing the internal temperature of the console, which can cause it to crash or overheat. Wouldn’t you like to have your breath taken away while running a marathon? Neither does the Nintendo Switch.

The study also warns that a security mode can be activated automatically if the machine detects a temperature that is too high at the level of the central unit. The console can then go into standby mode to protect its internal system from intense heat.

Should we adapt to global warming?

This raises some questions. With global warming, mercury tends to rise easily throughout the world. Every year worrying record temperatures are recorded, mainly in countries in the southern hemisphere such as Australia. Given current human behavior, it seems that this situation is here to stay.

Therefore, manufacturers could end up having to adapt to the new face of the world and design consoles not only more environmentally responsible, but also with more heat-resistant materials. It remains to be seen how this might take shape and whether these two prerogatives are compatible in the long run.

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