Forget 4K, this 2022 Samsung 8K Mini LED and NEO QLED TV is much cheaper with this sale!

good plan news Forget 4K, this 2022 Samsung 8K Mini LED and NEO QLED TV is much cheaper with this sale!

Although 4K was slow to become more popular, it has now become the norm on our televisions. To push the resolution a bit further, we could opt for 8K, but prices are generally a bit steep for these models. Fortunately, this is not always the case, since the Samsung QN700B offers 8K and above all a very attractive price with this reduction in the sales period.

During the sales, Samsung atomizes the price of the 8K NEO QLED QN700B TV!

Choosing a good television is obviously complicated when you see the number of models available and the possible technologies. With that said, Samsung will make it easy for you to choose with very good discounts during this sales period.

Why choose 4K when you can go straight to 8K? That’s the question you ask yourself when you see the QN700B scale down.

Buy the QN700B at €1,449 from Samsung

This gorgeous 55-inch 8K TV offers NEO QLED and Mini LED for just €1,419 thanks to the code SAMSUNG10 which offers €10 for every €100 of purchasesup to €150 maximum discount and a €200 cashback offer in addition to the basic discount, knowing that it was offered at launch at €2,699 at launch. We explain to you.

To abreviate :

  • QN700B 8K TV Launch Price: €2,699
  • Promotional price: €1,799
  • €150 discount with the code SAMSUNG10 : €1,649
  • final price with the €200 cashback offer : €1449

As you may have understood, now is the best time to invest in 8K with this beautiful Samsung NEO QLED TV!

The QN700B 8K Smart TV, Mini LED and NEO QLED for incredible images

The Samsung QN700B 8K TV is available from early 2022 and works great with its 55-inch NEO QLED panel.

Basically, the NEO QLED is a kind of fusion between the Mini LED and the QLED, which has the effect of offering a screen with a better level of brightness and anti-glare, which will save you from having to close the blinds to see clearly. . Expect rich, vibrant colors too.

As for its content, don’t worry. Samsung has equipped the QN700B with a Neural Quantum Processor Lite 8K Processor that can upscale (auto-upscale) your content in this resolution.

This 8K television is a very good investment, since in the future the content will be available in this resolution, be it your series or your movies, even games included.

Plus, this beautiful 8K TV has the power to play games. 8K at 60fps with compatibility VRR and even the FreeSync Premium Pro for smooth and stable gameplay.

When it comes to smart TV features, you’ll be served. You can access the different streaming platforms (Netflix, Prime Video, Twitch, etc.), but also use the Google Assistant, Bixby or Alexa and even control your other connected devices.

Buy the QN700B at €1,449 from Samsung

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