How to put parental controls on iPhone

The ‘Screen Time’ feature helps prevent children from using a device for too long or making a purchase by mistake.

For many years, Apple has largely geared its communication on iCloud and iPhones around family and family sharing. Switching the whole family to an Apple device can have many benefits. We thought in particular of using the HomePod intercom to send a message to the whole family, or even family sharing to share iCloud or iTunes purchases with the whole family.

But putting an iPhone, iPad or iPod in the hands of your child is not always a very good idea. Child iPhone users regularly make headlines for having spent large sums on in-app purchases in either app.

Fortunately, there is a feature on the iPhone that allows you to restrict access to certain features of the device. However, it is not about “parental mode” here, but rather about screen time. Available on iPhone and iPad from iOS 12, it allows above all to reduce the time of use of certain apps, prevent the opening of certain applications or restrict purchase options in the App Store or on the Internet. ‘iTunes Store.

Thanks to iCloud sync, all devices connected to the same account or referenced in Family Sharing are affected by the screen time.

To activate the function, go to the device settings, then to the menu screen time. select option Enable “Screen Time” and validate your choice.

You will then be asked who owns the iPhone. If you want to calculate your own device usage time, without restrictions, select this iphone is mine. On the other hand, if the objective is to prevent the child from using this or that app or making a bad purchase, then choose This iPhone belongs to my son.

If you chose the latter option and have iOS 16 installed, you’ll have access to a host of new options for parental controls, such as age restrictions for apps, books, TV shows, and movies. You can also choose to restrict access to explicit content or make your life easier with Apple-defined presets based on age.

After selecting Enable restrictions, iPhone asks if you want to set up No Screen Time. Then choose a time interval during which the child will not be able to use the iPhone, then the usage limit for certain applications. Then validate your choice and define a stop code for the function.

Once the different parameters have been chosen, you will have access to a much broader menu that will allow you to configure other options. Then set communication limits on Phone, FaceTime or Messages, and activate restrictions for example for iTunes and App Store purchases, for authorized applications…

From now on, you have control over your toddler or teen’s Apple phone or tablet!

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