“I grew up with a father who kept telling me that nothing was going to be done with me”

Model and TV presenter Adriana Karembeu is the face of Mauboussin’s handbag line. Confidence.

In the life, adriana karembeu She says that she has two passions: bags… and medicine. “Before I became a model in the 1990s, I did three years of medical school in Prague. Although I did not finish my studies, they have accompanied me throughout my career, from my role as ambassador of the French Red Cross for twenty-two years, to my ten years as co-host with Michel Cymes of the program “The extraordinary powers”. of the human body” in France 2.

As for his love for he pockets the extop and its 1.26 m legs (the longest in the world, according to the book 2011 Guinness World Records) She owes it to her Slovakian grandmother, who double-locked her prized accessories. A memory that continues to give life together with the Mauboussin house, which launches a line of bags.

On video, “The powers of the human body”, excerpt from the January 7 program on “the powers of love”

Madame Figaro.– How did you become a close friend of the Mauboussin house?
Adriana Karembeu. – I knew Alain Némarq, its president since 2002, when he worked at Yves Saint-Laurent and Kenzo. I was a model and I remember confiding my all-consuming passion for bags to her. I am honored that you thought of me to embody the French style of Mauboussin and write this new fashion history together. These bags are everything I love, stylish and practical everyday companions.

The shooting star is the symbol of the Parisian house. Do you think you have a lucky star?
Not only do I come from a very poor country that no longer exists, Czechoslovakia, but I also grew up with a father who always told me as a child that nothing was going to be done with me. I tried all the time to please him, without ever succeeding. When I was discovered in 1991 by a French agency manikin, obviously I took it as a good helping hand of life. Since that day, staying the course to reach my goals and achieve my dreams has always been my mantra.

Has your role as a mother changed your way of conceiving the future?
I was raised by women who, throughout my childhood, reminded me that work and financial independence were the keys to freedom. A reality that I forgot a little when my daughter was born… I wanted to take advantage of all these magical moments. Last September, when I had just spent three and a half years taking 100% care of Nina, I shot episodes of the telenovela More beautiful life. This return to the sets made me (re)aware of the importance of reconciling my professional life with my social life and family.

I was raised by women who kept reminding me that work and financial independence were the keys to freedom.

adriana karembeu

Your plans for the start of the school year?
We shot with Michel Cymes three new programs of “Extraordinary powers of the human body”. We have been presenting it together for ten years and each time it is an exciting adventure. Medicine is a family affair: my grandmother was nurseMy mother, a doctor, and I started studying medicine before being a model.

What is the accessory that you never part with?
You hand bag It is the obsession of my life. I can even say that I am totally addicted. When I’m in love with a model, I even dream about it at night! Ever since I became a mother, I have carried shoulder bags with large containers. My phone, my wallet, my glasses, wipes and compotes for my daughter… I am one of those women who have their whole life in their hands. bag.

Where does this passion come from?
Of my grandmother. She kept two gorgeous leather bags in her closet. I think she never used them, she didn’t even take them out of her box. In Slovakia, women did not use pretty ladies’ shopping bags, but rather large work bags. I examined them from all angles, touched them and secretly felt them like a treasure.

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