JIM.fr – Live July 16: WHO advises against colchicine and fluvoxamine

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16:00 – WHO advises against the use of colchicine and fluvoxamine

A group of experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) has spoken out against the use outside of clinical trials of colchicine and fluvoxamine for the treatment of mild to moderate forms of Covid-19. His opinion, published in the “BMJ”, highlights that there is ” there is currently not enough evidence that they improve patient outcomes and both drugs have potential harmful effects “No recommendation is issued for the use of these treatments in severe forms, due to data”
limited or non-existent “. For fluvoxamine, the experts rely on data from three randomized controlled trials involving more than 2,000 patients. For colchicine, the WHO opinion is based on data from seven randomized controlled trials involving 16,484 patients. These data failed to demonstrate an effect on hospitalizations, mortality, and the need for ventilation and potential harms and toxicities » associated with treatment are noted.

15:00 – Return of lockdowns in China

China registers 450 new cases of Covid, compared to 432 the previous day. The increase in the number of patients observed in recent days has caused a series of confinements in several Chinese cities, which bring together several million inhabitants.

14:00 – Legion of Honour: Promotion of Professor Fischer

Among the personalities honored by the President of the Republic on July 14 is Professor Alain Fischer, coordinator of the vaccination strategy against Covid, elevated to the rank of Grand Officer of the Legion of Honor.

13:00 – Anti-covid vaccination could cause heavier periods

According to a study published in ScienceAdvances, 42% of menstruating women report having heavier periods in the two weeks following an anti-Covid vaccine.

12:00 – France: the peak of the seventh wave would be behind

The latest data published by Public Health France suggests that France has passed the peak of the seventh wave.

Last night, Public Health France reported the following:

– 23,027 new cases of Covid
– An incidence of 1,252.5 cases/100,000 inhabitants (-2.2% compared to the previous 7 days)
– A test positivity rate of 33% (+0.7%)
– 8,764 hospitalizations in the last 7 days (+22%, 19,579 total hospitalized patients)
– 833 critical care admissions in 7 days (+25.8%, 1,184 hospitalized patients in total)
– 405 deaths in the last 7 days

11:00 am – An update on the situation in the world

According to the latest data from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, the three countries most affected by the epidemic in the last 4 weeks are the United States (3,150,907), France (2,602,569) and Germany (2,488,036). ) and in number of deaths the United States (10,096), Brazil (6,397) and Taiwan (3,163).

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