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Camila gives advice to her classmates.
Camila gives advice to her classmates. ©Valentin MAUDUIT

The last days of school are usually synonymous with fun and light lessons…

To school george brass on set, we decided to keep learning, but in a different way. Alhaouthou bowls she arrived at the establishment frequented by her daughter, Camila, to cook skewers together. But not just anyone!

Camila’s kebab, her recipe. This will also appear in her book, scheduled for release in early 2023. A book devised by the little CP student, but written by her mother. “I was a bit stuck on the writing, the book tone. And Camila offered to do a workshop in class to help me”, explains Miske, before the workshop day began. A decisive day.

A delicious hand salad...
A good hand salad… ©Valentin MAUDUIT

students do everything

It is 9 in the morning when the professional cook prepares your room. The partners (Ladybug, Mil Perche, Ferme de l’Auberdière) bring all the products that will be used to make these skewers

The pita bread recipes are shown on the small islands as students will be working in groups. A few minutes later, they disembark in the furnished room, apron in the back, blow to the head for some. Miske explains to them the course of the workshop hour. And it doesn’t take long for them to dip their hands in the flour. They all have a well-defined role, they weigh, mix…

Miske is on the lookout to lend a hand.
Miske is on the lookout to lend a hand. ©Valentin MAUDUIT

Redo at home after

Camila does not hesitate to slip some advice to the companions of her group.

This is my recipe, I really want to share it, and may you succeed. Also, I want them to do it again at home.

It sticks to your fingers, it’s fun… There are those who are not afraid to say that they have made “the most beautiful dough”.

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The classes that passed through Miske’s hands during the morning made the loaves.

no fries

In the afternoon, it was the cutting of vegetables. “You know children that in the real kebab there are no French fries, but a lot of vegetables (salad, tomato, cucumber, edible flower, zucchini, potato, onion)”, Camila’s mother wants to tell her.

Before adding, “I’m taking a monster foot, I love cooking with children.”

The meat work was done by Miske himself. “I didn’t want them to touch the animal protein. »

The next day, an evening at the school with students and parents was planned. Under a barn, all these little people gathered to taste kebabs “made at Georges-Brassens”. “The children were very proud to tell their parents what they had done. ” Total, 143 skewers they were devoured.

Soon a Youtube channel

This slightly crazy project could well find a sequel. Starting next year, other workshops with children at school are planned, and above all “we plan to make a YouTube channel with Camila, the children have requested it. And then me and her in the kitchen, that’s something,” she smiles. We are waiting for the sequel!

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