PlayStation 5: how to find a game console in the store?

While the PlayStation 5 has been out of stock for a long time, it’s becoming more and more available! However, finding it in stores, and even online, is still quite difficult. As demand is high, stocks run out very quickly.

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PS5 stock: where to find the console?

To find the game console, you can search the different retailers between: Amazon, Rakuten, discountbut also micromaniaeither fnac. On the brand sites or directly in the store, you have the opportunity to get your PS5. Some resellers like Rakuten, for example, regularly offer the PS5, but at a higher price than the original asking price.

The PS5 Standard, that is, the home console with a 4K Blu-Ray player, is available at 499 euros. The Digital Edition is offered at 399 euros because it does not allow you to play physical games. Both models were released in November 2020, but stocks are still quite limited, even if the console goes on sale every day.

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How to buy a PlayStation 5?

To put the odds on your side to get the famous PlayStation 5, you can always receive email alerts from the various retailers when the console is available again. When the PS5 console is available both in store and online, stocks run out in minutes.

You can then fill in your personal information, pay in advance and, where possible, add the console to your basket in advance. In the store, you can always check with the sellers or go to the opening of the stores to hope that you can get your hands on the PlayStation 5.

East PS5 shortage it is caused by the unavailability of certain essential components for the manufacture of the console. Plus, with demand far outstripping supply, enthusiasts get their hands on their console quickly.

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