The craft microbrewery La Baz produces 2,400 liters of organic beer per month, in Arcisses

Inaugurated in June 2021 in Coudreceau, in the town of Percheron de Arcisses, the organic artisanal microbrewery La Baz has already reached the maximum of its production capacity.

“In the beginning, it produced 1,200 liters of beer per month. Today we produce 2,400 liters, twice as much”, explains Marie Barbaz, the manager. And it is not about expanding at the moment.

“We are the smallest of the three microbreweries in Perche


A stout in preparation

It is more on the diversity of products that Marie Barbaz has focused on, who has been joined since last year within the company by her brother, Clément. “We always keep our three original beers: Baz’hic (the blonde), Baz’cule (the amber) and Baz’alte (the brunette),” explains Marie Barbaz. “But we try to produce a new one every year by tackling new styles. This year it’s the O’Baz, an Irish-style beer. And we have a dark beer in the works for the end of the year. And then, depending on the season, we produce short-lived beers: a Christmas beer, a triple in the fall, a white in the summer and an IPA in the spring, which we will try to produce throughout the year.”

Another novelty expected for next year: “Beers in 20-litre barrels, with dispensers”, announces Marie Barbaz.

Five winners of the Fémin’Initiatives 2021 award for their economic commitment

“Since Clément joined me, we have also developed events”, adds Marie Barbaz. “We organize evening concerts during the summer, in the guinguette spirit. People can come to listen to them on the terrace that we have built, tasting, if they wish, a beer and dishes of local products (sausages, cheeses, etc.)”.

Next meeting on Friday, August 5, starting at 7:00 p.m., with humorous songs by Marie Pétrolette.

hundred foot jump

In agriculture, Clément Barbaz also brings a personal touch to the company. “At the moment, we use roasted and malted barley at a company in Haute-Normandie. But we are trying to see how we could grow organic barley and how to malt it in Perche.”

A reflection also refers to hops, essential in beer. Clément Barbaz planted a hundred vineyards in La Perche in the hope of ensuring the supply of the microbrewery with a local organic culture.

“It is a test that will last a few years. We will see how this plant adapts to the area and how I adapt to this culture”.

with the Brasserie du Perche, in L’Hôme-Chamondot (Orne), and La Verturée, in La Chapelle-Montligeon (Orne).
Practice. La Baz microbrewery, 1 impasse de la Lagune in Coudreceau, municipality of Arcisses. Contact on Tel. or by email to:

“A beautiful bitterness.”

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