These wedge shoes are very comfortable and super trendy during this summer 2022!

During the holidays, bet everything on Zara’s wedge shoes and stay in fashion throughout the summer. Combine them with all without limits!

During the summer, wedge sandals dress all feet. And this time it’s Zara’s turn to immerse us in this model’s bathroom.

With its new ultra-trendy collection, the Spanish brand offers its assets to all its customers. Discover these completely addictive shoes and choose from the range!

Zara is still the leader with this ultra-trendy wedge shoe!

More than a factory name, Zara has become an essential brand for fashion lovers. Thus, this summer the brand bets everything on this wedge sandal Elegant. Do you want to stand out on the beach and make a difference? East shoe that the brand offers is made for you. Indeed, this sandal is imbued with remarkable originality and… we love it!

The straps on this beautiful pair are made from pure cowhide leather. Which makes it a completely robust and classy model. In addition, its polyurethane coating ensures undeniable comfort for your feet. That’s not all, a sole made entirely of thermoplastic rubber provides lightness and greater freedom of movement! Therefore, this piece is moisture resistant!

Of course, the insole of this Zara sandal is made of a mixture of goatskin and jute! What adds to the shoe longevity. All its criteria make this piece an essential element to maintain agility and style throughout the summer. That’s not all, this piece goes very well with all the outfits in your wardrobe. But also, it gives a wide choice in the style you want to wear.

In fact, this Zara wedge sandal can be worn just as well with a maxi robe or a denim skinny or skinny! On the other hand, it can be worn both with elegant and distinguished looks and with a casual look. One thing is certain, it truly is a timeless piece… to embrace with your eyes closed! Finally, on the accessories side, you can complete it with a handmade bag!

A chic sandal for your summer evenings

The Spanish brand does not stop there. Has a range of fashion models in your summer shoe collection… And there is something for everyone. A festival of colors is at hand and heights are not lacking. However, the infatuation of fashionistas is in this shiny transparent model. These are the high heel sandals vinyl with rhinestones

On the other hand, keep in mind that this shoe made entirely with polyurethane it is light and reliable. It promises to highlight all the lines of your silhouette with its 10 cm height. Its original transparent straps will dress your feet perfectly. On the other hand, its round and open tip elegantly draws the toes and highlights your pedicure!

Zara designers have surpassed themselves with this shoe comfortable with a unique design. In fact, this fabrication is made for all kinds of events and therefore offers a wide possibility of combination. However, this model is ideal for an evening with friends or to attend a wedding! Better yet, you can walk with him during an official ceremony.

This pair is perfect for the summer season. Completely feminine, it will fit perfectly. to all your summer looks. In that case, whether you want to wear a suit or a dress, this Zara sandal is an obvious choice. Because it is a simple model, this shoe guarantees a perfect look for all fashion fans! Thus, it will be your star accessory throughout the summer!

How to get these Zara shoes?

Like all brand products, these shoes are available in all brand stores. But they can also be purchased on the official Zara website. In fact, they are available in various sizes and are already marketed on the platform.

So how much do they cost? Well, the leather wedge sandal is yours for under $70. Indeed, this pair from Zara only costs €69.95. The second model sold at the price of €49.95 on the brand’s website! Hurry, stock is limited!

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