Try our delicious salty sponge cake recipe that is very easy to make during this summer of 2022!

If you are craving a salty treat, make this summery recipe. Here are some tips to make it a success.

Salt cake is sometimes difficult to make. Even after following the prescription literally, we can see some small disappointments. Ingredients may settle to the bottom of the cake.

The latter can be quite hard, almost like a brick. We can also see that the cake does not puff up, which is probably due to poor cooking. No panic! Here are some tips to avoid all that.

Summer recipe: triumph with your salty cake

how to know if you prescription successful? Well, for starters, the ingredients aren’t on the bottom of the cake. It’s unpleasant to eat a savory cake with wrinkled toppings on the bottom. The flavors are not well distributed. So, How? Here we will give you some tips.

the salty cake It is a basic pasta with a multitude of flavor possibilities: ham, tuna, vegetables, cheese or others. If we don’t do it right, we can have them at the bottom of the cake. To avoid this, put the dough in the fridge for at least an hour. A pro tip: you can dust the ingredients with flour. This will also prevent wet products from making the dough runny. To succeed this prescription summer, here’s a cooking tip.

Once again, it is a professional technique that can make a difference in the final result. For the dough to rise well, hit the mold with your hands or on a table to remove all the air. This also serves to evenly distribute the batter within the pan. The next step in the summer recipe is to control the doneness.

Once in the oven, unmold your cake 10 minutes before unmolding the cake. Make a cut in the center of the dough. This will help the cake rise evenly and the result will generally be more symmetrical. Remember these tips for this summer recipe. Now your cake needs to be moist.

a very soft cake

We often come across the problem of a brick-hard cake or dry cake in the mouth. For this summer recipe to be wonderful, the cake has to be aerated. When it is, it automatically becomes smooth. Here are some tips to do this.

To overcome this common problem with summer recipes, make sure you’ve added yeast. this is about baking powder, an essential for the cakes to be aerated. In fact, it also favors the rise of the dough during cooking. Be careful, do not confuse chemical yeast and instant yeast. Baking powder is used for confectionery, not instant.

For a much fluffier result in your summer recipe, it is recommended to use a flour with baking powder incorporated. All you have to do is mix the flour and baking powder together in a separate bowl. These flours are recognized for the most remarkable results.

Here is one last piece of advice that you should keep in mind to make this summer recipe a success. To accentuate the softness, you must incorporate an essential ingredient. It’s about cheese. They will add fluffiness to the mixture. Mozzarella, Emmental, Gruyère, these are the most used for their unique and delicious flavor.

Another summer recipe to try

In addition to this summer savory pie recipe, you can find other variations. The savory cake is available in all forms. Vegetarian, light or gourmet. For example, you can make a savory tart with seasonal vegetables. There are also very gourmet recipes incorporating various cheeses or various sausages.

Choose the one that suits you. You just have to follow these tips to be successful. As a summer recipe you can, for example, make vegetable quiches or gratins. If you prefer sweet, you can make a red fruit cake or a strawberry crumble. Remember to take advantage of fruits and vegetables because it is during this season that you will see all kinds of them in the market.

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