WWE SmackDown results for July 15, 2022

WWE SmackDown Orlando, Florida

The commentators are Michael Cole and Pat McAfee.

– Tonight is WWE SmackDown, the blue show begins with the commentators who welcome us. Michael Cole is in the ring asking us to welcome Pat McAfee, who recently re-signed with WWE. He grabs a mic and wants to apologize for being absent last week and giving Corey Graves two hours…and Happy Corbin ten minutes. We review what happened during the last episode of SmackDown.

Pat McAfee takes the microphone and says that the best thing Corbin has ever done in WWE is celebrate Shinsuke Nakamura the way he should be celebrated. McAfee knew Corbin long before we did. He had hair, he was humble and he loved to learn. Once he set foot in WWE, he became an unbearable jerk who would do anything for a dollar. So at SummerSlam, it’s Pat McAfee’s job to beat him up and humiliate him so he can become a good person. Happy Corbin interrupts him and is backstage. He says that Pat McAfee is too stupid, that he should go back to the commentary table. Corbin handled it so easily in Las Vegas. He will finish the job at SummerSlam. He may have monkeypox, so he’ll stay away from him for now…

Pat McAfee introduces us to Liv Morgan for the first game of the night.

singles match

liv morgan vs natalya

At the end of the match, Liv Morgan did her ObLIVion on Natalya followed by the pinfall win.

Winner: Liv Morgan

– After the match, Kayla Braxton steps into the ring to congratulate her and points out that her victory was not as quick as Ronda Rousey’s victory against Natalya last week. Liv Morgan replies that she knows she’s going to be the loser at SummerSlam, but she’s been the loser her whole life. We can call her whatever we want, but after SummerSlam, we will always call her “SmackDown Champion”!

– Backstage, Megan Morant is with Theory. The theory says that it’s hard to be him, with great power comes great responsibility. He has many enemies on RAW and SmackDown. He already has Bobby Lashley and Dolph Ziggler on RAW… Paul Heyman shows up and shakes Theory’s hand. He tells her that a charge against Roman Reigns would be pointless. If he wants, Theory and Heyman can work together and Heyman can work with Roman Reigns to set up a title match at a major event.

All she has to do is not get paid at SummerSlam and let him take care of everything. Theory thanks him, but assures that he is going to charge for Brock Lesnar or Roman Reigns and become the youngest undisputed champion.

– Viking Raiders music plays… but it’s New Day in disguise! They tell us that they are actually the New Day… Kofi Kingston cuts Xavier Woods and wants to know why Woods looks like a pirate. Woods replies that he’s not good with accents. They played Assassin’s Creed on PS5 and watched all the Thor movies. The (real) Viking Raiders arrive on the scene and New Day calls them imposters.

The Viking Raiders tell them that once in the ring, the only words they will have left will be “crushed” and “broken”. Woods asks if those are the only words they know, maybe they could teach them some words. The Viking Raiders approach the ring, but Jinder Mahal and Shanky come from the sides to attack them! The New Day, Jinder Mahal and Shanky enter the ring, while the Viking Raiders return to the stage.

– Backstage, Kayla Braxton is with Ludwig Kaiser and Gunther. Let’s see what happened last week. Braxton asks Gunther why she attacked her teammate. Gunther replies that there is no room for failure, losing is unacceptable, losing has consequences. Kayla Braxton announces that Ludwig Kaiser will face Shinsuke Nakamura next week. Gunther gives Kaiser a Chop.

– Aliyah enters. Lacey Evans’ turn asking for her music to be revived. Once in the ring, she grabs a microphone and says that maybe she’s not the best at it, but we’re clearly no better than her. She served her country and risked her life for the Americans. She overcame things that would crush an average American. She has everything one would like to have. Lacey Evans apologizes to everyone who was offended by her comments and then she tells us to fuck off…

– Drew McIntyre enters for his match against Sheamus. Before the game, Butch goes to take the bell and Sheamus goes to him to stop it. Butch rings the bell… and Ridge Holland is still in the ring with Drew McIntyre.

singles match

Drew McIntyre vs. Ridge Holland (accompanied by Sheamus & Butch)

Late in the match, Drew McIntyre did the White Noise on Ridge Holland, followed by his Claymore Kick on Ridge Holland and then secured the victory.

Gangant: Drew McIntyre

– Enter the theory. Backstage, Megan Morant is with Madcap Moss, but Paul Heyman joins them to talk to Moss. He shakes her hand and says Moss beat up Corbin so badly they haven’t seen him in weeks. If he does the same at Theory, Heyman will go to Roman Reigns to set up a match against Madcap Moss in the Main Event of a major event. Moss replies that he thinks Paul Heyman is concerned about Theory’s payout at SummerSlam…

– A video of the Top Male Models is shown. Next week, the Beachwear 2022 collection will be presented with Max Dupri’s sister, Maxxine Dupri!

singles match

Theory against Madcap Moss

At the end of the match, Theory chases Madcap Moss with his briefcase at ringside. The referee ends the game.

Gagnant: Madcap Moss – By disqualification

– After the match, Theory goes on stage. Sami Zayn joins him with a sling on his arm and asks if he really heard Theory say that he will be the next undisputed champion. The theory disrespects Roman Reigns. And if you disrespect the bloodline, there are consequences.

As a representative of Bloodline, he recommends that he apologize now. Theory asks him what he’s going to do with one arm. The Usos arrive and Theory goes to ringside, but Madcap Moss picks him up and sends him to the ring post!

– Next week on SmackDown, Brock Lesnar will be back and we will have a face to face between Liv Morgan and Ronda Rousey!

– Sami Zayn is at the commentary table for the next game.

singles match

Jimmy Uso (accompanied by Jey Uso) vs Angelo Dawkins (accompanied by Montez Ford)

At the end of the match, Jimmy Uso accidentally knocks down the referee. Angelo Dawkins tries a roll up but the referee is still on the ground. Jimmy Uso gets up and Superkicks Dawkins followed by the knockdown but the referee still doesn’t move. Jimmy Uso goes to see the referee, turns around and Angelo Dawkins choke bombs him then the pinfall and the referee counts to three.

Gangant: Angelo Dawkins

– Post-match replay shows Jimmy Uso’s shoulder was not on the ground. Both teams are in the ring and Adam Pearce arrives at the scene. He announces that he has found the perfect man to referee the match at SummerSlam… Jeff Jarrett ! A fight breaks out between the Usos and the Street Profits. The show ends like this.

Photo Credit: WWE

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