Ary Abittan accused of rape: Elie Semoun breaks the silence and takes her defense, “It’s terrible”

A media career can be born or extinguished with a snap of the fingers. This was precisely the case of Ary Abittan. The latter who had been the subject of serious accusations of rape a few months ago. This news had the effect of a bomb. This, to the extent that it coincided precisely with the launch of the promotional campaign What the hell have we all done? A film in which the actor held one of the main roles. The latter had not yet been cut during editing, as Philippe de Chauveron said. The production preferred to wait for the judicial decision on this case to fall before taking any action. Elie Semoun, for his part, took advantage of an interview granted on July 13 to tv magazine Say what you think about this case.

Elie Semoun supports him

If a decision has not yet been made as to the fact thatAry Abittan may be removed from the edition of What Have We All Done to God? we cannot say that this is the case for the film Ducobu President. Indeed, the actor was one of the main roles in this production and the verdict has fallen. His accusation of raping him had led the production to cut him during editing. Something completely unacceptable according to Elie Semoun. This decision was, according to the person who had recently confided in his father, an early conviction. All this given that he has not yet been sentenced by the court. Investigations are still continuing in this case.

Hoping for, Ary Abittan made the decision to go very small. Therefore, she left the media scene to live in the countryside while awaiting his trial. Therefore, the actor was forced to take a break from his career, which was nevertheless taking off. He even came close to becoming an international star when he was struck by lightning. This interview with Elie Semoun in any case says a lot about the support he shows to his colleague, of whom he fully understands the difficulty of the situation. The actor thus explains the fact that we currently live in a Manichaean society with the good guys and the bad guys. In this case those who make good humor and those who make it bad. According to him, people have almost missed their second grade. So much so that he felt like a comedian imprisoned and censored in the words he must say in public.

Ary Abittan under judicial control

Always Elie Semoun to the swing that just came Marrakesh of laughter and that the rules of the game had changed. No doubt after the sordid prank that had landed Brahim Bouhlel eight months in prison. Therefore, what is said in front of the Moroccan public must be precise, that is, without sex or allusion to God. Sensitive issues that run the risk of having disastrous consequences in the career of those who venture not to respect them. In this context, he cited in particular Norman, who had been accused of racism while Artus had been banned from TikTok. So many unfortunate circumstances for comedians.

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