Best Free PLC Simulation Software for Windows 11/10

api represented programmable logic controller. It is a digital computer used to control industrial machinery. All manufacturing industries such as textile industry, food manufacturing plants, chemical industry, oil and gas industry, etc. use PLC to automate the production process. Use the following programming languages:

  • LLD (ladder logic diagram)
  • FBD (functional diagram)
  • SFC (Sequential Function Chart)
  • ST (structured text)
  • IL (instruction list)

The first three are graphical languages ​​and the last two are textual languages. If you are an engineering student looking for a PLC education, then this article will benefit you because here you will find the best free PLC simulation software to run on your PC.



PLC simulation software for Windows 11/10

You can download this software on your Windows PC and practice creating different logic diagrams. The best part of this software is that you don’t need any external PLC hardware to run the simulation.

We have the following software on this list:

  1. Open PLC Editor
  2. i-TRILOGI
  3. WPLSoft
  4. Creator to do more
  5. PLC WTE configuration tool.

1]OpenPLC Editor

PLC simulation software for Windows 10

Open PLC Editor it is a free software with many features. It is portable software which means you do not need to install it on your PC. It is downloaded in the zip file. After extracting the zip file, open the respective folder and click “Open PLC Editor” shortcut file to launch the software. It will take some time to open depending on your computer’s CPU.

It offers you to write a program in one of the 5 PLC programming languages. To start a new project, click “File > New.” Then write the name of your project and select the programming language and click on “RIGHT“. Please note that you must create a new empty folder on your PC every time you create a new project. All programming features like on/off buttons, timers, counters, function blocks, numeric operators, comparative operatorsetc., are available on the right panel of the software.

Steps to draw a ladder diagram:

  • To create a ladder diagram, you must first define all the variables and their types, such as booleans, integers, reals, arrays, bytes, words, etc. Click the button “Plusicon in the center panel. You can also set the initial value of all selected variables.
  • Right click in the middle space, then click “To add” and select the power rail. This will add the rail to the screen.
  • Follow the above step to add input contact variables, output coils, blocks (for timer, counter, etc.), comments, etc.

When you’re done, click the “Start PLC simulation” on the toolbar. When you hover over, you will see the names of all the tools on the toolbar. If your ladder logic has an error, it will show up in red in the console tab. You can click the PLC Log tab to get more details about the error. After clicking on the “Start simulation“, you must click on the “debug instance” in the lower left pane and the simulation will start. To perform an action like turning on the switch, right-click on it and select “force the truth.” To save your project, click “to safeguard” or press “Control + S.”


The best free PLC simulation software for engineering students iTRiLOGI

i-TRILOGI is another free software in this list through which you can practice ladder logic programming. The download process for this software is different. We have provided the link to its official website. After landing on their official site, fill out the provided form and they will send you a download link on your email id along with a password for installation. This software is completely free for educational purposes. The best part of the software is that it has a user-friendly interface and you will easily understand it.

After installing it, if you don’t get its desktop shortcut, go to “C drive > TRiLOGI folder > TL7Edu folder.” There you will get the exe file. Click on this file to run the software.

Steps to draw a ladder diagram:

  • Like the OpenPLC Editor, here too you have to set the variables first. To do this, click “I/O table” on the toolbar, select the I/O tag from the dropdown menu. you can configure inputs, outputs, timers, counters, relaysetc.
  • After you have defined the variables in the I/O table, click “Circuit > Insert Circuit” to add a rung. If you add contacts with the left button, you will get contacts normally open (NO) and vice versa. Alternatively, you can also switch contacts by clicking the corresponding button on the toolbar.

To start a simulation, go to “Simulate > Run (reset all I/O).” You can modify the values ​​of the circuit variables by right clicking on the simulation table. Click on the “Pause” to stop the simulation. Gonna “File > Save» or press the « buttonControl + S” to save your project.


The best free PLC simulation software for engineering students WPLSoft

WPLSoft is a free PLC simulation software from Delta Electronics. If you can’t find the software on the website, please type WPLSoft in the “Keywords” and select the highest version, then click “Send” button.

WPLSoft is a free and complete PLC simulation software. Here you will find all the ladder logic functions, such as bit logic (NO, NC, set coil, normal coil, reset coil), math operators, timers, counters, comparators, high-speed comparatorsetc. If you are a professional, you can upload your project to Delta PLC using this free software.

Steps to draw a ladder diagram:

  • WPLSoft has a very simple user interface. First, create a new project by pressing the “Ctrl + N” button.
  • All logic bit operations like NO (normally open), NC (normally closed), coil, etc. are available on the toolbar. Click on one of them to select it.
  • Now set the address of your selected function and click OK.

Unlike other programs, here you cannot start the simulation with a single click. First, you need to click on the button “Simulation” on the toolbar. You can read the names of each button by hovering over the mouse cursor. After that, click on “Write to PLC” or press “Control + F8.” A pop-up window will appear, click OK to compile the program. Then click on the “Stair Start Supervision» or press the « buttonLbutton. Finally click theRun” or press “Control + F11” and select “Yes.” This will start the simulation. To change the value of the bit, select it and press the right mouse button and select the desired option. To save the project, go to “File > Save» or press the « buttonControl + Sbuttons.

4]Do more Designer

Best Free PLC Simulation Software for Engineering Students Domore Designer

Do-moreDesigner is one more free software in this list to simulate PLC ladder logic programming instructions. Just like other PLC simulation software on this list, this one too comes with a user-friendly interface. You will find all the programming variables in the right panel of the software, including contacts (NO, NC, output coils, rising edge, etc.), comparators, timers, counters, math operators, stringsand more.

Steps to draw a ladder diagram:

  • Gonna “File > New Project > Offline Project” or just press “Ctrl + N“keys. If the software asks you to select a PLC from the list, select Do-more Simulation because you do not have PLC hardware.
  • Drop input and output variables on the right pane rung using drag and drop.
  • Now double click on the placed variable and set its address. Here, X designate the entrance and C denotes output. When you’re done, press “Control + S” to save your project.

Setting the time in the Do-more Designer timer is very easy. You will get different sections of hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds. Therefore, you can enter the desired value easily.

To start the simulation, click the button “To accept” on the toolbar. Then click “Do More/Sim” on the toolbar. It will launch a simulation window. Use this window to control your PLC program.

5]WTE PLC Configuration Tool


WTE PLC Configuration Tool is a free PC simulation software with a simple user interface. You can use it to design simple or complex ladder diagrams. Timers, counters, comparators, memory bits, etc. they are also easily accessible. After designing a PLC ladder diagram, you can run the simulation and see the result in the right pane. To download the WTE PLC Configuration Tool, please visit their Official site.

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The best free PLC simulation software for engineering students iTRiLOGI

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