Eight bowling: for Guillaume Septfonds (Espalion), “there is no recipe to win” the Aveyron individual championship

The Inières grounds host, on Sunday July 17, the Aveyron individual championships, in which 200 master and aspiring players take part. Espalionnais, current champion, is projected on the competition.

It’s no secret for bowlers: to win an individual title, you have to be consistent, play mentally but also have a bit of luck. So many elements that the 200 players qualified for the Aveyron individual championship will need, on Sunday, July 17, in Inières. And the battle will be hard. “It is difficult to predict a winner because the level is very high this year”, comments the Espalionnais Guillaume Septfonds. The headline adds: “Anyone can win. The test, I made it!”

many suitors

It must be said that the contenders for victory are numerous. More than the first 80 in the individual classification have an average greater than or equal to 50 pins. It can be won by the two teams from Sainte-Geneviève, or by Laurent Izard and Fabien Albinet (luc)but also Paul-Henri Vidal (Tremouilles) and Quentin Antoine (Colombia). And in particular, never forget Jérôme Enjalbert, Philippe Acquier and Yohan Carvalheiro (Rodez). and jeremy pradalier (Onet)who finished 10th in the league but has an average of more than 53 and is first at Le Coq , shells of the Espalionnais, to name just these bowlers. He also names Jean-Marc Planques, to go into the details of the navy blue formations. The member from Sainte-Geneviève has the best average in Aveyron at the moment, with 53.83. And his 171 pins knocked down in the team final show that he is capable of brilliant strokes, like those who build victories over the course of a day.

“Last year, I won with 333 pins. That’s huge, it’s an average of 55.5!”, emphasizes Guillaume Septfonds. The bar was also high for hopes, as Lionel Andrieu (Flavin) had won with an average of 53.66. And trying to remember the position he occupied at noon, the Espalionnais laughs: “It is better to start strong and finish strong”.

“Alignment of the Planets”

But as charts from the last few decades show, the average ranking at the start of the season doesn’t always determine the podium. “There is no recipe to win. There are many parameters that can change everything. The planets must align!”, He insists. Since all qualified players can make 50 in each game, “but it takes a little extra luck”.

The character of each bowler, including “your pressure management”, and the whims of the day will make the game. “Many times it is the first part of the afternoon that decides and the last part that classifies, but you have to have done the work before”, specifies the owner of the title. He concludes: “An individual competition is an event that you win as a team from different clubs.” But Espalionnais take it for granted that, this year, they will not share the floor of the lucky charm of the winners of the Vertes, Gaël Martin (Colombiès). “We were too slow, as you can see in the photo: Laurent Izard was already behind the fields when I was still 15m away.”he smiles.

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