“I can’t look at myself in a mirror”: Disfigured by a savage injection of hyaluronic acid, testifies

In recent years, cosmetic injections have gained popularity. However, they are not exempt from risks, such as María’s testimony to France Information Released this Saturday July 16th. (source 1)

Maria, 40, wanted to correct her slightly crooked nose. It was a doctor who recommended that she go to a tattoo artist he knew so she could get a hyaluronic acid injection.

This gel is used in aesthetic medicine to restore volume, correct a nasolabial fold and have look younger naturally. Normally, such an injection is performed only with a doctor. The tattoo artist that Maria consulted therefore had no right to practice it. What’s more, the forty-year-old remembers noticing that the tattoo artist behaved strangely: “I saw in her face that there was something that was not normal.”

However, five minutes before the injection, the tattoo artist explains that there is no contraindication. According to her, the injection could cause redness and bruising that would go away immediately.

“When I saw in the mirror that I already had bruises around my nose, he told me that it was nothing and that it would go away,”says Maria. But it only takes a few hours for the the bruises extend to his forehead. Worried, Maria repeatedly contacts the tattoo artist, who refuses to admit his guilt.

“Every day that passed, it got worse and worse. The second, the third day, it was the same. (The tattoo artist) told me ‘it’s nothing, it’s nothing’. But the fourth day, it was really extreme, I felt pressure in my eye.”

“It is saved, but we were very hot”

Maria ends up consulting the dermatologist Marie Serre in Paris. She takes care of it right away.

Fortunately, I had in stock the product that allows you to dilute hyaluronic acid”, recalls the doctor. “Indeed, she obviously the artery that supplies the left wing of the nose and the forehead a little covered. She is saved, but we were very hot.”

Although her health is no longer in danger, Maria still has a hard time accepting her new face. This mother of two children is today disfigured. Nearly a month after the incident, she still has painful bruises on her nose, cheeks, and forehead.

“I don’t know what my nose looks like, because I haven’t been able to look at myself in the mirror for three weeks,” she said. “I have a lot of stress. I prefer not to look at myself to try to stay calm.”

The ANSM is sounding the alarm

This Monday July 11 Drug Agency warned of the risks that hyaluronic acid injections can cause. (source 2)

“These practices performed by non-physicians are dangerous and forbidden : We alert people who wish to benefit from this type of injection about its dangers and remind us that only doctors are authorized to perform them”, declared the ANSM.

Since the beginning of 2022, the agency has identified some forty victims of adverse effects after injections carried out by unauthorized persons. These side effects can go as far as burns, serious infections either skin necrosis. They are caused by non-compliant practices, such as non-compliance with hygiene conditions or incorrectly performed injection.

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