Instagram: Kim Kardashian reveals her true skin texture!

Kim Kardashian has just been shown without any artifice, through her Instagram account. Now we know what the actual texture of her skin is.

Although this is a promotional stunt for your brand. SKKN by Kim, Internet users are likely to be happy. Kim Kardashian comes from look natural on instagram. It’s so weird! MCE TV reveals everything to you.

Kim Kardashian appears without makeup on Instagram

As you probably know, Kim Kardashian is famous for her slim waistits exquisite forms, its always elegant aspect and her always impeccable complexion.

Of course, the influencer has certain tools on her computer and smartphone allowing you to retouch your Instagram photos. Yes, we teach you nothing: Perfection does not exist.

He has already hurt her. Now because she is not looking not only to retouch the person itself when posing with relatives but also because at the same time, she advocates body positive.

In fact, Kim Kardashian created an underwear brand, for all women. This implies for all pigmentations, all body types and all tastes.

The majority She is also the origin of SKKN by Kim consisting of beauty products to take care of any skin. In short, Kim Kardashian has a very contradictory speech. It is: “Do what I say and not what I do!” “.

But it was without counting on his last act. Pete Davidson’s girlfriend recently posted a natural photo of her On Instagram. Yes, it is very serious.

This means that he photographed his face without makeup. And guess what? she has visible poreslike any, as well as some pigment spots.

Although this is a demo of one of their new products, there are still great progress ! A big shout out to Kim Kardashian.

Instagram: Kim Kardashian reveals her true skin texture!
Instagram: Kim Kardashian reveals her true skin texture!

Other stars like her.

Kim Kardashian is not the only one who has taken the step of being natural. Whether on Instagram, Snapchat or even TikTok, there are many stars move towards greater authenticity.

On French reality TV, for example, candidates are increasingly aware that they mean a bad image for the young people who look at them.

Last January, Maeva Ghennam (Les Marseillais) also warned her fans: “Don’t be fooled by Instagram filters. Don’t be fooled by everything that happens on Instagram because everyone retouches their photos. ».

she also has decided to show them the example : “EITHERnot all the flaws. If there, I have pimples, well I have pimples. If tomorrow I gain weight and have a double chin, it doesn’t matter, I will love myself like this ! ». This is a big step when you meet the character!

On the influencer side, there are also a desire to make things happen on Instagram and elsewhere. Léna Situations is the perfect example. Since last year, the videographer has decided show himself as he really is.

« I may have had complexes that have developed due to social media and these false perfect lives. »confided, at the time, in an interview with Rough. she does not want to reproduce the same pattern. And the list of celebrities is still long. Something to give some hope…

Photo credit: Wong Roger/INSTARImages/ABACA

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