iOS 16: 10 hidden features that will make your life easier

Available in beta since July 11, iOS 16 brings many new features, including a new lock screen much touted by Apple. There are also a dozen small very practical functions, about which the brand has communicated little.

In early June, during your WWDC conferenceapple introduced iOS 16 et iPad OS 16. The next versions of the iPhone and iPad operating systems will bring many important new features, such as a new lock screen, the possibility of modifying an iMessage and a multitasking system with several windows for the brand’s tablets. These updates will be available to all users in September, but the most impatient can now install them. Beta versions are available from July 11, just go to to download them.

Since early June, Numerama has been testing future versions of Apple’s operating system. While it’s too early to release what could be considered a test (we’ll wait for the final builds), we’ve spent the past few weeks listing all the fun little things we’ve discovered in iOS 16 and iPadOS 16. Here are ten.

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iOS 16 presented at WWDC // Source: Numerama screenshot

1 – The Wi-Fi password finally accessible

15 years later the first iphoneApple finally realized that not all of its customers knew the Wi-Fi password by heart.

In iOS 16 settings, when you select a network, you can display your authentication key in clear text (after Face ID, Touch ID, or password verification). It can be copied and pasted to send to someone who doesn’t have an Apple device (sharing a Wi-Fi password between Apple devices is automatic).

Wi-Fi iOS 16
iOS 16 remember Wi-Fi password. // Source: Numerama Screenshots

2 – Face ID works when lying down

From theiPhoneXApple allows you to unlock your smartphone, access a secure application or pay with its Face ID facial recognition system. Strangely, Face ID nowadays only works when you hold your smartphone upright.

With iOS 16, this glitch is finally gone. the iPhone 12 et 13 (not the X, XS, XR and 11 😔) can now recognize you if you hold them horizontally, in a game or in bed for example.

3 – The cryptogram of your bank card finally saved

Some may be scared when reading this subtitle, but this novelty is still very useful. Now, when a site asks for our credit card details, Safari can fill in everything, including the CVC (cryptogram) field. Sure iOS 15this field always remains empty.

4 – The result of a football match on the lock screen

Summer forces, there are not many sports competitions at this time. It is at the beginning of the school year that iOS 16’s new sports pinning feature should become more practical. In Spotlight, find the name of your favorite team and add the game currently being broadcast to your lock screen. A widget will be updated throughout the game, with the score in real time, without an application.

iOS 16 CVC Highlight
iOS 16 can enter all your bank details at once. It can also give you the results of a Spotlight match. // Source: Numerama Screenshots

5 – A wallpaper that changes every time

Since iPhone OS 1, you can only choose one wallpaper on your iPhone. With iOS 16, it’s possible to choose a selection of photos or let an artificial intelligence do it for you. It is up to you to set how often you want your wallpaper to change. This can be done every time the screen wakes up if you wish. Interesting if you want for example enjoy the wallpapers that show the panoramas taken by James Webb.

6 – Climate: temperature curves

it’s particularly good in the middle of a heat waveiOS 16 allows you to open special modules in the application Weather report. If you click on the temperature program, you now have access to the curves that show the evolution of the degrees throughout the day.

iOS 16 Weather
Time offers enriched information in all its sections. The wallpapers can change every time. // Source: Numerama Screenshots

7 – Haptic feedback on the keyboard

On Android, it has been possible for several years to make the keyboard vibrate as soon as a key is pressed. At first it was not pleasant, but over time it has been thanks to the appearance of haptic motors that improve vibrations and give the impression of actually pressing a key.

iOS 16 allows you to do the same on iPhone. This is an option to activate in the settings but, once selected, the smartphone vibrates very slightly when you write. For our part, we love it.

8 – The iPad screen can show more things

A novelty reserved for the iPad, which is also removed from the Mac, the possibility of expanding the surface available on the screen. How does it work ? Icons and text become smaller to make more room for other elements. If you have good eyesight and want to multitask stage managerthat could be very useful.

More space
The preview is not updated, but “More space” reduces the interface. // Source: Capture Numerama

9 – Voice Memos in iMessage Change Layout

Real Fake New: Voice Memos are now hidden in the “Apps” section of iMessage. When you click on the blue icon dedicated to voice memos, you have access to a real full-screen interface, which was not the case before. Unfortunately, there are no other new features. We still can’t listen to a message before sending it or modify only part of it.

10 – Masked photos protected by Face ID 😏

good news if you have naked important photos to hide, iOS 16 automatically password-protects some folders in your photo library. Now it is impossible to access the hidden or trashed photos without going through Face ID, Touch ID or your iPhone passcode.

Message Photos iOS 16
The voice notes interface on Amazon on the left, protected photos on the right. // Source: Numerama Screenshots

Bonus: The Other Cool Little News

Since we couldn’t put everything into this selection, let’s mention some of the other new iOS 16 features coming this fall. There is for example thecancellation of an email within 10 seconds of sending it (a countdown of sorts), the ability to adjust spatial audio with AirPods by scanning your ears with the TrueDepth camera, or instant subtitles that, in English only, add text to everything that comes through your device’s speaker. These features are already available in the beta version of iOS/iPadOS 16.

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