Jill Vandermeulen (RTL-TVi) explains her suicide attempt after “Star Academy” (video)

After being honest as never before about her miscarriages and having revealed the name of her future child, the influencer and host Jill Vandermeulen (also known as Silent Jill, on social media) released another momentous scoop on Youtuber Jeremstar. In her new video “Baby Story,” the celebrity interviewer returned with her to her life as a mom, but also to her participation in “Star Academy 5.” An experience that Jill now prefers to forget…

The 34-year-old actor first lifted the veil on the sexist and highly problematic behavior of the producers at the time. “I was forced into a style of dress that didn’t suit me at all,” he begins. “In bonuses, they always put me in super short skirts. And I said: ‘but I can’t even once have a good pants or other look’. And they told me: ‘no, no, because the production wants us to see your legs’. I was 17 huh, saying that. But I already had to sexualize myself a bit (…) And I remember having a reflection on the production inside the château, because I didn’t dress provocatively enough. »

“If you come to this school, they will kill you on the playground”

After her elimination, Jill explains that the production left her. The budding singer obviously wouldn’t have benefited from any protection listening to her nightmarish anecdotes. “I couldn’t go back to school, because I get to a school where they tell me: ‘if you come to this school, they’ll kill you in the playground,’” she explains. “Then I find myself on a bus to go home. I have girls in the back of the bus, a little bunch of scum like that. I hear say: ‘ah, she’s the girl from the Star Ac’, come on, we point her’ [’on lui donne un coup de couteau’]. “A traumatic scene for the 17-year-old at the time. What pushes her to commit the irreparable…

“My mother found me unconscious”

“I went through very violent stages psychologically speaking, with a suicide attempt, because I was right at the end of what was happening,” he reveals for the first time. “I really lost my balance at that moment (…) I swallowed two anxiolite tablets. It was my mother who found me unconscious at my ex-boyfriend’s house. And I was rushed to the emergency room the next morning. »

“They left me for dead in the gutter”

Jill was then committed to psychiatry for a year and a half. After which, she thought about going back to a more or less normal life, getting a small job for a cosmetics brand. But that’s when the problem starts again… “I don’t recognize two girls on the street, who all the way to my work will harass me, insult me, denigrate me, because I had done the ‘Academy of the Stars’. I was beaten, left for dead by the side of the road, atrocities that Jill Vandermeulen had never revealed before.

Jill’s interview by Jeremstar is located here in its entirety.

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